Plenitude and Energica Unite to Electrify the Nautical World!
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Plenitude and Energica Unite to Electrify the Nautical World!

Energica and Plenitude (Eni) develop electric solutions for marine applications.
  • Plenitude and Energica team up to electrify the nautical world.
  • They’ve created an innovative electric jet ski prototype called “Runabout.”
  • Plenitude aims to expand its network of charging stations to 30,000 by 2026.

In an exciting collaboration that holds the potential to reshape the future of electric mobility, Plenitude, through its subsidiary Be Charge, and Energica Inside have come together to create groundbreaking solutions. This partnership aims to drive innovation in the nautical sector, offering customers new and sustainable options for travel on water. With their shared vision and cutting-edge technology, Plenitude and Energica are set to redefine the possibilities of electric mobility.

Energica CEO Livia (left) in front of electric watercraft

A Leap into the Future

The first goal of this transformative agreement is to bring electric mobility to the maritime world. By jointly developing a project to install charging stations in Italian ports, Plenitude and Energica seek to unlock new horizons and change the nautical industry. This venture will provide customers with novel ways to experience water-based transportation, all powered by clean and efficient electric technology.

Transforming Water Travel

Building upon their strong synergy, Plenitude and Energica have already made remarkable strides in the pursuit of sustainable mobility. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in the creation of an extraordinary maritime vehicle: the electric jet ski prototype named “Runabout.” This cutting-edge model boasts the innovative technology of Energica Inside, and the partnership has been further strengthened by collaboration with Electric Revolution, a startup founded by Roberto Minnucci and Roberto Mariani, Freestyle Jetski World Champions.

Paolo Martini, Plenitude’s Head of e-mobility and Be Charge CEO, expresses his enthusiasm for this new partnership, stating, “The signing of this agreement marks the beginning of an exciting journey for us, expanding the concept of E-Mobility to the nautical sector. We are driven by the desire to be pioneers, utilizing technology as a powerful tool to constantly innovate our services.”


Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company, shares her excitement, stating, “This agreement represents a significant milestone for us, as it expands our reach and propels the electrification process into new industries. It aligns perfectly with Energica’s vision of expanding the Italian Electric Valley.”

The partnership between Plenitude and Energica is an alliance fueled by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and reimagining what is possible in the realm of electric mobility. With their collaborative efforts, they are set to transform the nautical sector and accelerate the electrification process in new industries. Plenitude and Energica are leading the way in creating advanced solutions to navigate the waters.


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