$300,000 Cadillac CELESTIQ Gets Real, & Goes into Production
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$300,000 Cadillac CELESTIQ Gets Real

Cadillac CELESTIQ Establishes New Standard of Automotive Luxury

We didn’t know if Cadillac had the stones to actually go through with it — but they did! Meet the new “Standard of the World.”

It may seem like myth or lore to younger readers, but there was a time when Cadillac really was the standard of the world. When a Cadillac was the biggest, baddest, fastest, most luxuriously out there symbol of rolling luxury that money could buy … and, sure. An Escalade is a fine body-on-frame SUV, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, but “standard of the world” it ain’t.

The all new, $300,000 electric Cadillac CELESTIQ, meanwhile? Now, we’re talking a type of personalized luxury unseen since the 1933 V16 Aerodynamic Coupe and 1957 Eldorado Brougham — and have we missed it!

“CELESTIQ is the purest expression of Cadillac, acknowledging our incredible history and driving us to a bolder and brighter future,” said Global Vice President of Cadillac Rory Harvey. “It is a completely bespoke work of automotive art, built around the most advanced and innovative technology that we have ever engineered into an automobile.”

As if to underscore those words, Harvey revealed that each CELESTIQ would be hand-built in Detroit, and carry a special badge denoting it as one of just a very few such artisan-crafted vehicles.

Hand Built, in Detroit

CELESTIQ hand-built plaque located on the driver’s side door sill; courtesy Cadillac.

“With an extremely low volume of hand-built vehicles to be offered globally each year and an exclusive declaration process, CELESTIQ will truly be a custom-commissioned one-of-one,” continued Harvey. “Each client will experience a personalized journey to make their vehicle exactly the way they desire.”

Each of those well-heeled buyers will receive a coachwork car built on GM’s proven Ultium Platform, equipped with a 111-kWh li-ion battery and a two-motor, AWD drive train good for 600 HP and more than 640 lb-ft of TQ — more than enough to keep up with the Jones’ and their series production Rolls-Royce Spectre, of course.

GM’s engineers left nothing to chance with this one. They spared no expense to ensure that the CELESTIQ could be compared to any car out there, and — if not come out on top, at least put up a formidable challenge. To wit, these features include:

  • Adaptive Air Suspension: CELESTIQ makes use of an air suspension system, rather than the coiled springs used in a traditional suspension system. Compared to traditional suspension systems, air suspension offers a softer, more isolated ride for greater ride quality.
  • Active Rear Steering: CELESTIQ will offer up to 3.5 degrees of out-of-phase rear steering, in which the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels for greater maneuverability at low speeds. At higher speeds, the rear wheels will turn in-phase with the front wheels.
  • Magnetic Ride Control 4.0: A signature Cadillac engineering innovation will find a new home in CELESTIQ. Originally developed for the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing, the system is the world’s fastest-reacting suspension technology, which allows for greater responsiveness and enhanced isolation from road imperfections.
  • Advanced AWD: CELESTIQ offers a two-motor electric drive unit. These motors work with torque optimizer modules that analyze torque requirements for given vehicle inputs. These modules turn the front or rear motors on and off as required to provide optimal torque to enhance ride quality and electric driving range.
  • Active Roll Control: The Cadillac-first Active Roll Control feature is a significant contributor to the vehicle’s nimble handling. It employs stabilizer bars embedded at the front and rear of the chassis to mitigate the rolling force exerted on the vehicle during turns and other maneuvers, enhancing the feeling of stability, control and occupant comfort.
  • Active Rear Spoiler: The CELESTIQ Active Rear Spoiler deploys at lower speeds to help improve aerodynamic efficiency and further raises at higher speeds to help keep the vehicle balanced.
  • Ride-focused tires: CELESTIQ will feature available 23-inch forged aluminum wheels with 23-inch summer-only Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires. This combination will offer strong rolling resistance performance and precision steering. Designed specifically for Cadillac, the tread pattern, self-sealing technology and foam inserts enable a quiet tire for greater ride isolation.
  • Electric Power Steering: CELESTIQ features a variable ratio front electric power steering system, similar to that found on the Cadillac Blackwings but calibrated specifically for CELESTIQ, that works in coordination with active rear steering to automatically adjust to the ideal steering ratio depending on vehicle speed resulting in an engaging and intuitive driving experience.
  • 5-link front and rear suspension: CELESTIQ’s 5-link front and rear suspension provides exceptional performance tailored specifically for the high torque output of an electric vehicle motor. The suspension isolators are precisely tuned to minimize cabin disturbances yet allow proper road feel and handling response, delivering on Cadillac’s promise of isolated precision.

And that’s just the surface stuff. When you commission yours (and let’s face it, kids: a vehicle like this commissioned, like a painting; not ordered, like a hamburger), you can spec out all manner of additional features, too.

While you decide whether or not Cadillac has done enough with this future classic to earn your hard-earned house payment, check out the pictures of this new street beast, below, then let us know what you think of it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


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23 Responses

  1. What’s the range between charges? And where’s the wood trim? For $300,000, I also think I’d like a name for the car that’s a little less embarrassing to say.

  2. Knowing horsepower without knowing mass is irrelevant. What’s the 0-60 mph time? How far will it go on a charge, in real world conditions? How long does it take to charge? How many people do they expect to pay $300k for a car that can’t be driven in the winter (re: summer-only tires)?

    1. Yes, because nobody has ever put snow tires on their car. These aren’t realistic issues for someone buying these things — like, do you really think the typical Bentley or Rolls buyer is driving the thing to grandma’s for Thanksgiving? Come on, man. You’re thinking like a poor. (I know, I am one– LOL!)

    2. Very valid comments ! Biggest question for me is range and price if replacement batteries in 8 years

      1. Really? It’s not the $300,000? Come on– nobody is buying this practical billionaire act.

    3. In answer to your question… They expect 500 people a year, that is the number of cars that they have committed to build

  3. Not sure I am ready to trust GM to actually make this to the quality level that will be expected for $300K. It truly is an aggressive endeavor and I commend them for, as you noted, having the stones to do it. And as much as I will NEVER own a Cadillac, I can appreciate the surprisingly nice exterior lines (I love a shooting brake shape but the rear end is a little weird in proportions to me), and overall the interior is very nice, save for that giant, flat billboard IP that is almost as ugly as the IP of a Tesla. Massive brick wall in an otherwise clean and nice interior. For $300K, I would expect and want something with a lot more style.

    1. That’s a curious comment. Why would GM, with all its resources and deep legacy of hand-crafting top-shelf bespoke racing vehicles and concept cars, not be trusted with $300,000? Surely they have all the resources a Pininfarina or Singer would have, and more.

  4. The range is 300 miles, that’s about a $100,000 per mile
    What is the estimated battery life, battery warranty, and battery cost replacement
    Thanks Lou

    1. You really should have used your calculator for this little piece of simple math 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🙄

      1. The closest thing to a calculator in this dude’s house is the digital clock on his microwave.

  5. Chery and Haval vehicles from China has more tech in them and look better than this land yacht at less than 10% of the price, wake up, the rest of the world is progressing at a rapid speed and you are still lagging behind with 15 to 20 years.

    1. Tell me more about your calculator Casio is better than a Panerai because you don’t have to wind it.

  6. People buying 300,000.00 hand built cars:

    A. Do not drive them in inclement weather. That’s why they own a 4 wheel drive Escalade
    B. They do not worry about range.. if they are traveling further than 150 miles, they take their jet.
    C. If you can afford this car. You can afford to switch to a Rolls Royce, if you are not satisfied.

    1. This reads like a troll question, but I’ll try to answer: the sheetmetal is shaped by hand, not pressed in a tool and die, the paint is applied by a human (not a robot), the leather is hand-stitched (again, not a robot), etc. Does that help?

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