VW GEN.TRAVEL Is A Laid Back Design Study
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VW GEN.TRAVEL Is A Laid Back Design Study

What does the future of e-mobility look like? The VW GEN.TRAVEL design study is a peak at how we might travel long distances down the road. 

 “With its NEW AUTO strategy, Volkswagen defines the mobility for generations to come – sustainable and digital,“ says Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation. “In the group-wide Volkswagen Innovation Research department, we are further advancing this idea, showing how our customers will be able to experience mobility in the future – for example, as a service. With GEN.TRAVEL, we can already experience today what will be possible in the near future with innovative technology. Door-to-door travel at a new level. Emission-free and stress-free.”

This is a fancy way of saying that this new design study gives Volkswagen a bit of direction for future designs, as well as getting customers excited for the future of electric vehicles. Although the exterior looks are the first thing that catches one’s eye, the GEN.TRAVEL is mostly geared at long-distance travel, leading to a real difference in interior design choices. 

Hinging on the idea of e-mobility and autonomous driving, the GEN.TRAVEL maximizes interior room for up to four people, to the point that two seats can be laid flat. There is also a conference mode, where the four large seats and a large center table allow you to hold meetings on the good. They’ve even thought to add “dynamic lighting” to help prevent motion sickness. 

The eABC (electric Active Body Control) active suspension system calculates vertical and lateral movements such as acceleration, braking, or cornering ahead of time, and optimizes the driving style and trajectory accordingly.

Will we ever see anything resembling the GEN.TRAVEL on roads? Probably not. But the features it puts forth paint a bright, exciting future for e-mobility.


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