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Tesla dropped prices on the Model X and Model S, allowing Model X buyers the opportunity to use the IRA tax credit.
Are you ready for the revamped 2024 Tesla Model Y Juniper! Improved specs, design, and autonomy options await. But will it outshine its competitors?
Perry Kwok excels in crafting standout EV customizations, transitioning from MR2 to Tesla builds and earning awards in the process.
Tesla slashes Model 3 and Y prices! Get a new Model 3 for as low as $30,000! Exciting times for EV fans with unbeatable discounts!
Tesla achieves a major milestone with Cybertruck production, boosting stock and intensifying competition in the electric pickup market.
The annual Tesla shareholder meeting happened earlier this week. It included updates on new vehicles and a possible public succession plan.
Bridgestone unveils Turanza EV, the game-changer for EV tires, debuted at Electrify Expo Long Beach. Enhanced performance, sustainability, extended wear life.
In a first, people will be able to see Tesla at Electrify Expo 2023, starting in Long Beach on May 19-21.
Experience seamless audio integration with Orella Acoustics’ customized Tesla Model 3 sound solution. Crystal-clear sound, powerful bass.




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