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Get ready for the ultimate gathering of customized electric vehicles and automotive brands at Electrify Expo’s Electrify Showoff in 2023.
Alfa Romeo starts production of 2024 Tonale with more than 30 miles of electric range and premium content.
Hypercraft Hires Kirk Miller, AEM Electronics Veteran, As Vice President of Direct Sales to Revolutionize the EV Powertrain Market.
A new agreement between Walmart-backed Canoo and Saudi firm GCC Olayan will see the electric trucks distributed into the Middle East.
Nikola continues to grow its footprint in the real-world electric truck market with a new order for 100 fuel-cell semis from GP JOULE.
Daytona International Speedway is greening up its support and safety team with a new, battery-electric fire truck from REV.
Volkswagen is closer than ever to bringing its ID.7 EV to market, and they’ve showed a camo’d prototype at CES to build up the hype!
EV sales were up nearly 50% last year, even as the overall new car market was down more than 17%. So, where are we going to charge them?
After 67 years, the Goddess returns to take on Spirit of Ecstacy and help Cadillac regain its standing as the Standard of the World.
As the only part of the car that touches the road, tires are critical – which is why a tire designed just for EVs is hugely important.



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