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40M kg of batteries recycled by Call2Recycle Canada, reducing landfill waste and emissions. Join Canadians at 10,000+ collection sites.
Toyota is expanding EV development by opening a new electric vehicle battery lab in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.
Lithium-ion batteries can be recycled, including those used in EVs, recovering up to 96% of raw materials and reducing environmental impact.
The partnership between Jacobs and Cirba Solutions will promote sustainable battery processing and a circular economy.



LA Auto Show Survey

The LA Auto Show’s Survey on EV Satisfaction Reports Strong Positive Results

Gogoro Crossover SUV scooter with rider on road

Gogoro Introduces the First Two-Wheel SUV

Image showcasing Elon Musk with X and Twitter logos, from Omar ElDeraa/Shutterstock

Tesla Board and Investors Very Worried After Elon Musk's Latest Unhinged Outburst About X Boycott