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Maeve Aerospace’s partnership with Siemens Xcelerator will allow the company to make all-electric aircraft that are lighter and less expensive to operate.
Suzuki is partnering with SkyDrive in Japan to create the SKYDRIVE eVTOL, a new three-seater electrified aircraft.
The Alef Model A receives a Special Airworthiness Certification for limited take-offs and landings.
Regent Craft has partnered with EP Systems to create electric seagliders that keep safety and volume in mind.
If Archer and United Airlines get their way, you’ll soon be able to take an electric air taxi from O’Hare straight into Downtown Chicago!
Drones are fun — they fly, they stop, they perform incredible, impossible-seeming stunts … now the big ones are setting distance records!
NASA’s X-57, an experimental all-electric aircraft designed to prove the gains of multiple rotors, is one step closer to its first flight.
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become a de-facto EV show in recent years, and now it’s taking to the skies!
Aura Aerospace has unveiled a concept for an eVTOL that could fly some very rich mofos across 11,185 miles in one go — for comparison, a typical Airbus A380 flies a maximum of about 9,200 miles.
The eVTOL segment might be starting to feel a bit crowded, but that’s not stopping Airbus from testing new designs!



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