Ampaire Acquires Magpie Aviation to Propel Electric Aviation Industry Forward
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Ampaire Acquires Magpie Aviation to Propel Electric Aviation Industry Forward

Ampaire Eco Caravan in Camarillo, CA. The Magpie approach works by towing an electric airplane through the sky with a high-performance electrified tow aircraft.
  • Ampaire has acquired Magpie Aviation, strengthening its position in electric aviation and enhancing its offerings.
  • This acquisition follows Ampaire’s achievements, including the longest endurance flight for a hybrid electric aircraft and the successful launch of the world’s largest hybrid electric aircraft, the Eco Caravan.
  • Damon Vander Lind, CEO of Magpie Aviation, sees the merger as pivotal for advancing electric aviation, benefiting both civilian and military sectors.

Ampaire Inc., a leader in hybrid electric aircraft systems, has announced the acquisition of Magpie Aviation Inc., a leading developer of innovative electric aviation technologies. This strategic merger is a big step forward for Ampaire as they keep pushing to electrify aviation. It shows how committed they are to changing air travel for the better.


Founded in 2016 with a steadfast mission to become the world’s foremost developer of practical, compelling electric aircraft, Ampaire has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation in the aviation sector. The company’s portfolio of hybrid electric and electric propulsion technologies has paved the way for the realization of commercial electric air travel, leveraging available technology to upgrade existing aircraft swiftly and efficiently.

Ampaire Acquires Magpie Aviation to Propel Electric Aviation Industry Forward - Eco Caravan Take Off

Since its maiden flight in 2019, Ampaire has achieved a series of industry firsts, including the feat of the longest endurance flight for a hybrid electric aircraft, spanning an impressive twelve hours and 1,400 statute miles. The company’s hybrid electric Eco Caravan, the world’s largest hybrid electric aircraft, had its first successful flight in 2022. This solidified Ampaire’s position as a top player in electric aviation worldwide.

“With this acquisition, Ampaire anticipates further revenue growth across both commercial and defense sectors while simultaneously enhancing the capabilities and mission scope of our existing hybrid aircraft,” stated Kevin Noertker, CEO of Ampaire. “Building upon our recent acquisition of Talyn Air, the addition of Magpie exemplifies our deliberate approach to integrating pivotal companies and assets on our path to accelerate our leadership in electrified aviation.”


The acquisition of Magpie Aviation signifies a pivotal moment in Ampaire’s journey, unlocking new avenues for innovation and expansion in the electric aviation world. By bringing Magpie’s technology on board, Ampaire plans to expand its range of technology and customer contracts. This move puts them right at the front of the electrification revolution.

“We founded Magpie because we believe electrified aircraft have a pivotal role to play in the future of aviation,” stated Damon Vander Lind, CEO of Magpie. “I am thrilled to see this vision continuing to move forward under Ampaire’s banner. Not only does this lift the prospects of civilian electric aircraft and meaningful emission reductions in the future, it also helps Ampaire to serve military customers with their needs, right now.”

Ampaire Acquires Magpie Aviation to Propel Electric Aviation Industry Forward

By teaming up with Magpie and using their innovative solutions, Ampaire is ready to expand the uses for its hybrid electric propulsion systems. These systems can easily fit into small planes and regional turboprop commercial aircraft. Already, Ampaire’s systems have flown over 25,000 miles using hybrid electric power, making them a key part of the industry’s move towards sustainable air travel.

As Ampaire embarks on this new chapter of growth and innovation, the electrification of aviation takes a monumental leap forward. With a steadfast commitment to advancing its growth strategy, Ampaire remains primed to spearhead the electrified aviation revolution, propelling the industry towards a sustainable and emission-free future.



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