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Off-Road Electric Longboards
China has become the global NEV leader with the release of the new Hyper SSR supercar and further encouraging innovative EV technology.
Understand China EV market leadership and the issues Chinese EVs face when trying to enter the American market, including tariffs and political tensions.
The 258 new Shell and BYD charging stations in Shenzhen, China, put the United States EV infrastructure to shame.
Windrose, with Decathlon and Rokin, is testing electric trucks for low-carbon logistics to help both partners reduce their emissions.
Heli-Eastern purchases 100 Lilium jets for eVTOL services in China’s Greater Bay Area, aiming for sustainable air travel and enhanced maneuverability.
Changsha City in Hunan was the starting point for a Guinness World Record trip for an electrified semi truck.
Imagine you want to start a car company, but you don’t know how to design a chassis. Thanks to U POWER, you don’t have to.
The Chinese market is full of “cute” EVs, and the compact, off-roady Baojun Yep is the newest cute-ute of them all!
Geely is best known for being the parent company of brands like Volvo and Polestar. Soon, it may be known for flying cars!
The Chinese market is the source of some of the best-looking EVs out there, and the new Neta E adds one more appealing car to the country’s offering



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