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The California Energy Commission has opened a new program to award funding for charging commercial and non-profit groups EVs.
AIMA’s Big Sur e-bike wows at Electrify Expo with cutting-edge design, powerful 750W motor, and 60-mile range, redefining e-bike adventures.
San Fransico-based hybrid repair shop Luscious Garage becomes Earthling Automotive to service the growing EV market in California.
Hypercraft Hires Kirk Miller, AEM Electronics Veteran, As Vice President of Direct Sales to Revolutionize the EV Powertrain Market.
California’s Angel Island Ferry Company has partnered with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to create the state’s first zero-emission, electric propulsion short-route ferry.
Get ready for the next step in autonomous vehicles becoming real – the Cruise Origin driverless is coming!
The California Energy Commission recently approved $2.9 billion to build out the state’s zero emissions transportation infrastructure.
San Diego’s e-bike program has had issues with low participation. But it’s still getting $10 million to expand throughout the state.
California made waves this summer with news that the state would ban gas cars from 2035. As a follow up? It’s banning diesel!
More and more states are passing zero-emission mandates, and California is leading the way with a halt on new gas car sales.
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