Episode 306 with Sandy Munro: Tear Down Titan
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Episode 306 with Sandy Munro: Tear Down Titan

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 306 with hosts Jarod DeAnda and Matt Teske and guest Sandy Munro, the tear down titan

In episode #306 of the Electrify Podcast, hosts Jarod DeAnda and Matt Teske are joined by the industry titan, Sandy Munro. Together, they dive into Sandy’s distinctive insights within the automotive industry, explore his take on the unconventional Tesla Cybertruck, and uncover his unwavering belief in the transformative force of innovation. Prepare for an engaging conversation that promises not only to inform but also to inspire your readiness to embrace the rapid changes occurring in the automotive world.

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The Generational Shift Towards Electric Vehicles and Innovation

Jarod DeAnda begins the conversation by applauding Sandy’s unique approach to discussing EVs and acknowledging the shift in generational preferences towards them. Sandy shares a humorous anecdote about his grandson’s observation of quiet EVs, saying, “My grandson just turned five, and he said, ‘Why is daddy’s car so noisy, and yours is quiet?’ And I said, ‘because the starship Enterprise doesn’t make any noise.'” This story highlights how today’s kids perceive cars differently.


Understanding the Tactile Experience

Matt Teske joins the conversation, sharing his motorsports background and expressing his appreciation for the sensory appeal of traditional engines. He asks, “What do you enjoy the most about that car? Is it the moment when it’s stationary, or is it when you’re driving it and truly savoring the experience?” The discussion then explores the physical connection people have with vehicles and the pleasure derived from driving.

Image showcasing Colette Davis in a Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 electric race car at the Thrill Zone at Electrify Expo Miami
Ford’s 1400+ HP Mustang Mach-E, guided by pro driver Collete Davis at Electrify Expo’s Thrill Zone

Efficiency of Electric Motors

Sandy Munro, who reveals his background as an engine engineer, emphasizes the efficiency of electric motors and highlights the importance of broader education on this subject. He points out the substantial contrast between internal combustion engines and electric motors, saying, “What’s the efficiency out of an electric motor? How about 97-98%?”

IONIQ 6 in red driving on a desert highway
Hyundai Ioniq 6

Lessons from History

Reflecting on the swift adoption of new technologies in the past, Sandy offers a historical perspective. He highlights the rapid transition from horses to cars and explains that the entrepreneurial spirit of the time fueled innovation, stating, “All these things that people think about now happened in the old days, but a whole lot faster. And the reason for that was because we were a different kind of American. Everybody wanted to be an entrepreneur.”

The Futuristic Vision of the Cybertruck

Image showcasing front side quarter profile of the Tesla Cybertruck at Electrify Expo Austin
The Tesla Cybertruck made a surprise appearance at Electrify Expo in Austin, TX

During the conversation, Sandy, Jarod, and Matt engaged in a lively discussion about the Tesla Cybertruck, a vehicle that has ignited global debates. Sandy, in particular, provided a unique perspective on this unconventional EV.

When discussing the Cybertruck’s distinctive appearance, Sandy shared his thoughts on its unique design, acknowledging that its futuristic aesthetics might raise eyebrows among some observers. However, he emphasized the significance of reaching out to younger generations to truly understand the essence of this groundbreaking vehicle. Sandy stated, “While its appearance may defy conventional expectations, it serves as a bold glimpse into the future of automotive innovation.”

Connecting with Younger Generations

Sandy Munro stressed the importance of engaging with younger generations to shape the future of automotive technology, seeing the Cybertruck as a step in the right direction to capture the imagination of youth and pave the way for EVs. Sandy remarked, “I want to talk to that kid… that’s where I get all my ideas.”


Practicality and Efficiency

Despite the Cybertruck’s unconventional design, Sandy also appreciated its practicality and efficiency, recognizing that it could offer significant advantages in terms of durability and functionality. Sandy pointed out, “If you smash into the corner of your vehicle into a building… the airbag is going to come and say hello right there in the front.” This comment highlighted the Cybertruck’s potential to provide a safe and robust driving experience, even in extreme situations.

Driving Change and Embracing Innovation

The discussion about the Cybertruck encapsulates Sandy’s broader message – that the automotive industry must embrace innovation and adapt to change to stay relevant. The Cybertruck represents a radical departure from traditional vehicle designs, challenging established norms and propelling the industry into a new era of electric vehicles.

BlackBerry’s Decline as a Lesson

Photo of attendees looking at Polestar 2 at Electrify Expo
Polestar 2

Drawing parallels with the rise and fall of BlackBerry, Jarod highlights how companies can lose sight of innovation and market dynamics. He emphasizes the importance of learning from history and alludes to a documentary that reflects similar themes. Jarod remarks, “You can only tell the future by looking at the past.”

Sandy Munro agrees, noting that BlackBerry’s story serves as a vital lesson for the current automotive industry. He emphasizes the need to avoid complacency and always strive for innovation. He adds, “It’s so America. We’ve got it, and it’s right in the center of our hands. Let’s try and figure out how to screw it up.”



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