Episode 285 with Vaughn Gittin Jr - The Ultimate Fun-Haver Traversing The Unknown
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Episode 285 with Vaughn Gittin Jr – The Ultimate Fun-Haver Traversing The Unknown

Electrify Podcast with Jarod DeAnda with guest Vaughn Gittin Jr, the Ultimate Fun Haver!
  • Vaughn Gittin Jr., the two-time Formula Drift champion and founder of RTR, is leading the way in the automotive world with his fervor for electrification and EVs.
  • The Mach-E 1400, Ford’s groundbreaking all-electric vehicle, stands as Vaughn’s remarkable project, exemplifying the potential of EVs in transforming car design and performance.
  • Vaughn’s encounter with range anxiety, a typical EV concern, changed after driving the Mach-E 1400. He discovered that a positive outlook and understanding of EV technology can conquer such worries.

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In the latest episode, Electrify Podcast host, Jarod DeAnda, sits down with the legendary Vaughn Gittin Jr., a man who has left an indelible mark on the automotive world. As a two-time Formula DRIFT champion and the creator of RTR, Vaughn is a true fun-haver, always seeking exhilarating experiences both on and off the track. This time, however, the focus is not just on his impressive drifting skills or his renowned Mustang builds. Instead, it’s on Vaughn’s electrifying journey into the world of electric vehicles (EVs) and how he is shaping the future of this rapidly evolving industry.

Pioneering the Electrification Movement – Where Passion Meets Performance and Innovation

Vaughn’s enthusiasm for electrification is obvious right from the moment he begins to talk. “Electrification needs some excitement and dynamic personality,” he exclaims. He is excited about how electrification is breathing new life into the automotive industry, transforming it into an exciting and innovative playground. His passion for technology and the limitless possibilities it presents for car design and performance is evident throughout the interview.


One of the most significant projects that Vaughn has been involved in is customizing the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400, Ford’s cutting-edge all-electric race car. He recounts the adrenaline-pumping experience of taking the Mach-E 1400 out for its first full-power run, comparing it to riding a magnetic roller coaster. “It was nuts!” Vaughn exclaims, emphasizing the sheer power and precise control that EVs can offer. It is evident that he sees electric vehicles as a means of unlocking new frontiers in performance and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the road.

Jarod, deeply impressed by Vaughn’s visionary approach to EVs and his role in inspiring the future of electric cars, commends him on being more than just a “shop.” He sees Vaughn as a “lab” – a place where constant development, innovation, and progression are at the forefront of every project. Vaughn credits his background in information technology (IT) for instilling resourcefulness and the drive for continuous improvement, traits that he has seamlessly integrated into his work with RTR and the world of electrification.

Vaughn’s Journey: Embracing the Unknown – From Mechanical Innovations to Spiritual Awakening and the Thrill of EVs in Racing

But Vaughn’s journey doesn’t stop at mechanical innovation; it also touches upon his newfound spiritual side. He candidly talks about how his experiences have opened his mind and soul, giving him the courage to embrace new horizons, thanks to his wife’s positive influence. Vaughn is a man unafraid to explore the unknown, whether it’s in his driving career or his personal life. In this context, he believes that EVs are an exciting addition to the automotive world, offering diverse driving experiences and options to suit everyone’s needs.


While Vaughn may not have immediate plans to join the Nitrocross series, he remains fascinated by the development of EVs in the racing world. He shares his unique experience of collaborating with T-Pain to create a distinctive sound experience for the Mach-E 1400, an addition that adds a new dimension to the EV’s already impressive performance.

Embracing EVs in Motorsports: Vaughn’s Optimistic Perspective and Overcoming Range Anxiety

Throughout the interview, Jarod and Vaughn engage in a casual, friendly banter, providing a window into the dynamic and amicable relationship between the host and his guest. They explore various topics, including Vaughn’s adventures in EVs, from drifting carts and e-bikes to the adrenaline-fueled world of Ultra4 racing.

Discussing Ultra4 and motorsports, Vaughn delves into the possibilities of EVs making an impact in this high-octane arena. He acknowledges that EVs will become superior to internal combustion engines once power-to-weight ratios reach parity. Although the transition is still in its early stages, Vaughn sees the potential and the trajectory that EVs are on in the motorsports world.


In the conversation, Vaughn also addresses a common concern associated with EVs – range anxiety. He admits that he initially had some reservations about it, but after driving the Mach-E 1400, he found that modern EVs offer planning tools and options similar to their internal combustion counterparts. Range anxiety, he suggests, can be overcome with the right mindset and understanding of the available technology.

Pioneering the Road to an Electrifying Future in the Automotive World

The candid and open-hearted discussion between Vaughn and Jarod sheds light on the incredible potential of EVs and how they can transform the automotive landscape for the better. Vaughn’s passion for EVs is not just about embracing a new technology; it’s about paving the way for a sustainable, exciting future in the world of cars.

Vaughn’s innovative spirit, combined with his genuine enthusiasm for EVs, makes him a trailblazer in the automotive world. He sees the potential of EVs beyond just a mode of transportation; he views them as an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of creativity, innovation, and positive change in the industry he loves.

As the interview concludes, Vaughn’s parting words resonate with the essence of his journey into electrification: “Choose your own adventure.” He urges people to give EVs a chance, to embrace the revolution that’s underway, and to shape the future with an open mind and a spirit of exploration.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. has not only solidified his position as a legendary drifter and automotive innovator but also as a visionary who is steering the future of electric vehicles. With his electrifying personality and undying passion for the automotive world, Vaughn is trailblazing a path that challenges conventional norms and embraces the electrifying possibilities of the road ahead. So, whether it’s the thrill of drifting or the excitement of electrification, Vaughn Gittin Jr. continues to inspire, electrify, and drive the future of the automotive world.


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