Episode 283 with Jarod DeAnda - The Reboot of Electrify Podcast
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Episode 283 with Jarod DeAnda – The Reboot of Electrify Podcast

Introducing a New Era of Electrify Podcasting Podcast Episode 283 Jarod DeAnda BJ Birtwell Electrify Expo Electrify Podcast Electrify Expo Jarod DeAnda BJ Birtwell Motorsports Car Culture Formula DRIFT Nitrocross X Games North American Charging Standard NACS Tesla GM General Motors Ford Vaughn Gittin Jr Cole Seely Dr. Woo Meguiar's Dodge Neil Tjin Tesla Model S Myth Busting

The Electrify Podcast is making a comeback, and it’s bringing a fresh vibe with a new host: Jarod DeAnda. Jarod, the charismatic voice of drifting, is a devoted husband, father of two boys, and the dynamic host who captivates audiences with magnetic charisma, quick-witted one-liners, and dynamic commentary, becoming an indispensable component of every motorsport encounter, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of motorsports.

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  • The Electrify Podcast is back with new host Jarod DeAnda, aiming to reach a global audience and make it more consumer-friendly.
  • The podcast will make EVs less intimidating by showcasing the exciting side of the industry and catering to all age groups.
  • The Electrify Expo has successfully attracted tech adopters and mainstream Americans, dispelling myths about EVs and promoting advancements in the industry.

In this rebooted edition of Electrify Podcast, Jarod aims to take the electrification movement beyond North America and share it with the world. The goal? To make the podcast more consumer-friendly and appeal to a wider audience.

Demystifying EVs and Embracing the Fun Side of Electrification

In this Electrify Podcast episode, Jarod DeAnda joins BJ Birtwell, the CEO of Electrify Expo, for an exclusive interview to introduce the revamped podcast. Their camaraderie is evident as they reminisce about their long-standing connection and shared experiences in the automotive industry. From Meguiar’s and the Dodge drift team to Neil Tjin, Jarod has witnessed the evolution of car culture firsthand. Now, he’s excited to contribute to the EV world’s electrification in more ways than one.

The new Electrify Podcast aims to break down barriers and make EVs less intimidating. Jarod understands that stepping into the EV world can be daunting for some, but he wants to change that perception. It’s not just about charging stations and high voltages; it’s about mobility, excitement, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of electrification. Jarod is determined to showcase the fun and exciting side of the industry, catering to all age groups, from kids to adults.

Electrify Podcast Embraces Consumer Education and Engagement

BJ Birtwell, the seasoned veteran, shares his perspective on the podcast’s evolution. While the previous version of Electrify Podcast catered to industry insiders, the recent surge in EV adoption has prompted a shift in focus. Now, the podcast aims to educate and engage consumers who are eager to learn more about EVs, industry leaders, and the latest trends driving the electrification movement. With an array of exciting guests, from Motorsport Legends to culture influencers, the podcast promises to be a delightful mix of information and entertainment.

Jarod emphasizes that the podcast will be inclusive, catering to both enthusiasts and newcomers to the EV world. It’s about making electrification more accessible and relatable to everyone. He intends to invite guests from various backgrounds, not just the EV gurus, to offer a diverse range of perspectives. By tapping into the rich tapestry of car culture, Jarod aims to make the podcast enjoyable, thought-provoking, and relatable to all listeners.

Ultimate Performance Machine

Dispelling Doubts and Pioneering the Aftermarket

The transition to EVs is often met with skepticism from automotive enthusiasts. Jarod and BJ acknowledge this sentiment but believe that education and experience are key to dispelling doubts. Jarod shares his light switch moment when he realized the power and potential of EVs, thanks to a test drive in a Tesla Model S. He believes that exposing enthusiasts to the excitement and customization possibilities of EVs can change their perceptions. And with the aftermarket industry slowly catching up, there will be plenty of options for personalizing and enhancing EVs to suit every enthusiast’s taste.

Electrify Expo, the physical counterpart to the podcast, has been a roaring success, attracting not only early tech adopters but also mainstream Americans eager to explore EVs. The Expo showcases the advancements in EV technology, dispelling outdated notions about range limitations and charging infrastructure. BJ stresses the need for the automotive aftermarket to embrace the change and start developing accessories and performance products tailored for EVs. It’s a wild west out there, and those who adapt will thrive, while those who resist risk losing their market share to more progressive players.

Exploring the Thrilling Intersection of EVs, Car Culture, and Motorsports

Looking ahead, Jarod provides a sneak peek into the exciting guests lined up for the podcast. Vaughn Gittin Jr., the modern-day Carroll Shelby, and a true friend of Electrify Expo, tops Jarod’s list. Other potential guests include Killer Mike, the renowned musician with a love for hot rods, and influential figures from the EV and customization scene, such as the minds behind Super 73 and Unplugged Performance. Each guest will bring their unique perspective, enriching the podcast with fresh insights and sparking lively conversations.

BJ and Jarod’s infectious enthusiasm is palpable as they discuss the future of EVs and car culture. They acknowledge that the road ahead may be challenging, but they see tremendous potential for growth and acceptance. EVs are no longer niche vehicles; they are the rising stars of the automotive world. From Nitrocross to Pikes Peak Hill Climb, electrification is making waves in motorsports, capturing the attention of enthusiasts and expanding the boundaries of what’s possible.


Exploring Standardization, Monopoly Concerns, and Diverse Guests in the EV Industry

BJ asked Jarod for his thoughts on Ford, GM, and other legacy auto manufacturers adopting a North American Charging Standard (NACS) through a deal with Tesla. Jarod responded by questioning whether it would lead to a monopoly and mentioned that standardization can benefit everyone. He also shared his wife’s experience with electrification and the challenges of finding charging options outside of Tesla. Jarod expressed excitement about the diverse range of guests, including Cole Seely, who is involved in Supercross and has experience with electric cars. He also mentioned other interesting individuals such as Dr. Woo, a tattoo artist working with Livewire.

The conversation then shifted to electric dirt bikes, with Jarod expressing his enthusiasm for the industry and the upcoming products from manufacturers like Kawasaki. They discussed their history with Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the drifting world and their respect for his accomplishments in Formula DRIFT and electrification. Jarod shared his extensive experience as an announcer for various events, including Formula DRIFT, Nitrocross, and X Games. They expressed their excitement for the future of the Electrify brand and the opportunities it brings to educate, entertain, and challenge the norm in the EV industry.

BJ mentioned the early stage of the EV industry and compared it to the transition from horse and carriage to combustion engines, highlighting the need for time to develop infrastructure. They emphasized the importance of understanding the perspectives of opinion leaders and influencers in the industry. BJ expressed his anticipation for Jarod’s contributions to the Electrify show and their plan for future live events.

The rebooted Electrify Podcast promises an electrifying experience for listeners, where education meets entertainment and electrification meets car culture. With Jarod DeAnda at the helm, supported by an array of captivating guests, the podcast aims to demystify EVs, showcase the endless possibilities of customization, and highlight the diverse voices driving the electrification movement. So, gear up, join the conversation, and get ready to be electrified!


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