The Future of EVs: Balancing Legacy & Innovation w/ Tanner Foust
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Episode 282 with Tanner Foust: The Future of EVs, Legacy & Innovation

Electrify News Expo Showoff Podcast Episode 282 Matt Teske Chargeway Tanner Foust Professional Driver Racer XGames Champion Volkswagen Yokohama Racing

Tanner Foust, the XGames Gold Medalist, TV Host, and Motorsports Champion, joins host Matt Teske for a super cool chat about the future of electric vehicles (EVs). They dive into some really interesting stuff, like how they convinced a comedian to give electric cars a chance, the cool balance between keeping brand traditions alive and embracing electric mobility, and the pulse-pounding world of EV racing.

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This Electrify News Podcast episode will amaze you as they dive into how people’s perspectives on driving and car culture are changing. They’ll unravel the mysteries of EV technology in motorsport and show you just how powerful performance-oriented electric vehicles can be. From epic off-road adventures to the silver screen, this podcast is packed with exciting possibilities for EVs. So make sure to give it a listen!

About this podcast:

  • Convincing car enthusiasts to embrace electric cars is challenging due to personal preferences and nostalgia.
  • Legacy brands face a dilemma in balancing brand heritage with the transition to electric models.
  • SUVs and electric powertrains are reshaping racing and performance in the automotive industry.
  • The shift from sports cars to SUVs underscores the need to preserve the human potential and freedom associated with driving.
  • Cell phones have significantly impacted the driving experience and influenced younger generations’ interest in driving.
  • The future of mobility involves electric trucks, digital experiences, and concerns over potential loss of experiential learning.
  • Unconventional paths and unique perspectives provide valuable insights into the racing industry.
  • The Porsche Taycan exemplifies maintaining performance in electric vehicles.
  • Torque vectoring and EV technology revolutionize motorsport.
  • Balancing engineering advancements with driver preferences is a challenge for the automotive industry.


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