Landmaster RVR: A New Game-Changer in Commercial Utility Vehicles
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Landmaster RVR: A New Game-Changer in Commercial Utility Vehicles

Landmaster RVR
  • Landmaster has created the RVR (Rover) commercial UTV, available in gas (L5 RVR) and electric (AMP RVR) models.
  • The RVR has a 1,500-lb tow capacity, 750-lb max bed capacity, and unique features like 11 inches of ground clearance.
  • The AMP RVR offers all-day electric power for work sites with only 6 hours needed to charge back up.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric mobility, American-made UTV manufacturer Landmaster is taking a bold leap with their latest innovation – the all-new RVR (Rover). With both gas and electric platforms available, the RVR is set to revolutionize the realm of commercial utility vehicles. 

The Ultimate Workhorse for Any Task


The gas-powered variant, dubbed the L5 RVR, and its lithium-powered counterpart, the AMP RVR, are slated to kick off production this month. These versatile UTVs cater to a wide range of commercial applications, from golf courses and schools to airports and sports venues, promising to elevate efficiency and productivity across various industries.

It has a total tow capacity of 1,500 lbs and a maximum bed capacity of 750 lbs, well surpassing the standards set by other commercial brands in this segment.

Great Features for a Great Ride


Landmaster’s RVR isn’t just about power – it also aims to fuse innovation and comfort. Boasting independent rear suspension and dual-rate shocks as standard features, this UTV has a smooth, high-quality ride regardless of payload levels. 

The inclusion of a dumpable steel bed with removable sides, electronic power steering, adjustable premium bucket seats, front and rear hitch receivers, and rear locking differential further solidifies the RVR’s position as a pioneer in the commercial UTV market. 

Above and Beyond

One of the standout features of the RVR is its 11 inches of ground clearance. This elevation offers users nearly double the clearance of comparable commercial UTVs, enabling the RVR to conquer various obstacles like curbs, rocks, and berms.

The electric RVR is poised to be a game-changer for business owners seeking a greener and quieter solution. The AMP RVR is fume-free, low-maintenance, and powerful. Designed for businesses with stop-and-start operations, this electric marvel boasts all-day endurance and can be fully charged in just hours overnight. 

Made in America

Landmaster in Colombia City, Indiana

The RVR is designed, engineered, and constructed in Columbia City, Indiana, and Landmaster holds up these UTVs as emblematic of their commitment to creating superior work vehicles that surpass expectations.



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