Solectrac To Offer Electric Tractor Rental Program
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Solectrac To Offer Electric Tractor Rental Program

Picture of Solectrac To Offer Electric Tractor Rental Program
  • Solectrac has launched an electric tractor rental program through its national dealer network.
  • Renting will allow customers a chance to experience electric tractors on a monthly basis rather than necessarily buying.
  • Solectrac’s e25G electric tractor, with 25 HP, suits various applications from farms to sports fields.

Solectrac, a leading electric tractor manufacturer here in the U.S., has announced the launch of its new electric tractor rental program. The company already offers zero-emission tractors through direct sales and a certified national dealer network, but they’re now offering customers the chance to use these electric tractors on a monthly basis in case they’re not ready to buy.

A Green Option for Outdoor Crews

The brand will be renting out their 4WD e25G compact electric tractor, which is a 25 hp category tractor with a 19 kW motor and 90 Nm of torque. Zero-emission tractors like this one from Solectrac all for quiet operation – just 65 decibels – and easy recharging from either the utility grid or renewable energy systems.

Electric tractors don’t just enhance agricultural efficiency; they also foster a healthier working environment for operators.

“We want to facilitate getting our zero-emission equipment into as many operations as possible. Electric tractors not only eliminate on-site emissions, but they provide a healthier work environment for operators,” emphasized Mani Iyer, CEO of Solectrac. 

Why Solectrac Is Renting Out Its Tractors

“We want to offer our customers a way to familiarize themselves with our new technology without necessarily having to make a large financial decision of purchasing a tractor,” explained Iyer. “We also know that smaller operations may only need a tractor occasionally.” 

And thus, their electric tractor rental program was born, allowing users to seamlessly transition to clean energy solutions.

The company is all set to roll out additional electric tractor models later this year, but no word yet if those will also be available for rental.



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