Purolator's Electric Trucks Partnership with Motiv Powers Canada's Last-Mile Delivery
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Purolator’s Electric Trucks Partnership with Motiv Powers Canada’s Last-Mile Delivery

Purolator Electric Trucks Partnership with Motiv Powers Canada Last-Mile Delivery - walk-in step van
  • Purolator added 55 electric trucks from Motiv, boosting sustainability in Canadian last-mile delivery.
  • Motiv’s trucks cut emissions and offer up to 85% cost savings on operations and maintenance.
  • Purolator plans a $1 billion investment to electrify 60% of its Canadian last-mile fleet.

Purolator has taken a definitive step towards electrifying its fleet. Partnering with Motiv Power Systems, a premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in medium-duty electric trucks and buses, Purolator has fully integrated 55 Motiv electric trucks into its operations, celebrating a major achievement in their joint dedication to reducing emissions and embracing vehicle electrification.


Motiv Power Systems, headquartered in the vibrant tech hub of the San Francisco Bay Area, has been at the forefront of commercial transportation since its inception in 2009. With a focus on delivering medium-duty commercial battery-electric trucks and buses, Motiv provides not only vehicles but also comprehensive charging infrastructure and guidance for deploying eco-friendly fleets. Their expertise in electric step vans, shuttle buses, and box trucks positions them as leaders in providing zero-emission solutions for the essential tasks that drive modern commerce.

Purolator Electric Trucks Partnership with Motiv Powers Canada Last-Mile Delivery

“Integrating Motiv’s trucks into our operations is a step forward in our journey towards reaching 60% electrification of our last-mile delivery vehicles by 2030, and ultimately achieving net-zero emissions by 2050,” expressed Chris Henry, Director of National Fleet at Purolator. “Motiv’s vehicles and customer support team were an integral part of our electric vehicle pilot in British Columbia and important to our overall success in that pilot as we transition to a zero-emission fleet. Quick responses, short downtime, and onsite service keep our electric fleet moving smoothly.”

The synergy between Purolator’s commitment to sustainability and Motiv’s innovative electric vehicle solutions is evident in the successful deployment of these trucks across key routes in Canada. Purolator’s initial pilot of five Motiv electric trucks in 2021 paved the way for this expansion, with the new fleet deployed in Richmond, B.C., Quebec City, Que., Montreal, Que., and Vancouver, B.C.

“Purolator has been a longtime leader in fleet electrification, with ambitious goals and successes that prove the shift to electric trucks is not only possible, but the practical choice – leading to improved performance and operational efficiencies while also reducing carbon emissions,” stated Jim Castelaz, Founder and Chief Technology and Revenue Officer of Motiv Power Systems. “Deploying these 55 electric trucks is another step in our journey together to reshape last-mile delivery and create a more sustainable future.”


These electric trucks have not only demonstrated their environmental benefits by reducing tailpipe greenhouse gas emissions but also offer significant operational advantages. With up to 85% operations and maintenance cost savings compared to traditional vehicles, Purolator is ready to boost its efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint. Additionally, the integration of Motiv’s support operations across Canada ensures seamless maintenance and service for Purolator’s expanding electric fleet.

“As the first Canadian courier company to launch fully electric curbside delivery trucks nationally, Purolator has set ambitious goals to be the greenest courier company in Canada,” stated a Purolator. “We are immensely proud of the lasting legacy of our partnership with Purolator and the milestones we’ve achieved together.”

Purolator’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond vehicle electrification, with plans to invest approximately $1 billion to electrify 60% of their last-mile fleet in Canada over the next seven years. This comprehensive strategy includes the purchase of approximately 3,500 fully electric trucks and the electrification of more than 60 terminals across Canada, demonstrating a holistic approach to reducing emissions and advancing sustainable logistics solutions.



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