Delfast Unveils Moped with 100 Mile Range
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Delfast Unveils Moped with 100 Mile Range

Delfast has made some aggressive e-bikes but the Ukrainian brand has unveiled a smaller electric moped catering to a different market.

Dubbed the Delfast California, this street-legal Class 3 e-bike is just baaaaaaaaaarely street legal, honestly. By being a Class 3 bike, it can have a 750 watt rated motor and a max speed of 28 mph. And sure, the mid-drive motor on the Delfast California is called a 750 W nominal motor, but it’s really a high-powered Bafang M620 motor that can put at at least 1,000 W of peak power. 

You can also get 160 Nm of torque, which is pretty darn zealous. Then there’s the 48 V and 20 Ah removable lithium-ion battery that has 960 Wh of capacity. Delfast optimistically claims that you could get 100 miles of charge, even with a pedal assist speed of 20 mph, but we’re highly skeptical. It might be more realistic to say it could reach 60-70 miles of range on pedal assist, which would still be pretty impressive.

The Delfast California is also rather lightweight considering its U-shaped full-suspension frame, weighing in at 66 pounds. It’s still a bit hefty with that big-ass motor and battery, so the smaller 20-inch wheels will help keep the bike feel more grounded.

The bells and whistles that come with the e-bike include customizable alarms, remote immobilization, and built-in location tracking to help you recover a stolen bike.

The bike will be launched via Delfast’s Indiegogo campaign. During the pre-order period, the price will be just $1,999, but after that the standard price will be $3,999. The bike should arrive in summer of 2023 and include a two-year warranty.

CORRECTION: this post originally was published stating “1000 Mile Range” in the headline, not “100.” That was, obviously, incorrect, and we apologize for any confusion –Ed.


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