Trek Allant+ 8S Wants to Replace Your Car
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Trek Allant+ 8S E-Bike Wants to Replace Your Car

photo of black trek allant 8s electric commuter bike ebike

It takes some braggadocio to say you can replace someone’s car with your e-bike, but Trek is pushing that narrative hard with the Allant+ 8S.

It’s a top-of-the-line e-bike, to be sure, costing $4,450. Just like its sister model, the Stagger, the 8S can come with all sorts of accessories to make the bike more utilitarian, from a luggage rack or a child seat all the way to a trailer (which you can also add a pet bed to, of course).

But to also make this commuter more capable of potentially replacing a car, Trek teamed up with Bosch to equip the S8 with a Performance Speed motor, a mid-drive piece of tech that has a maximum output of 85 Nm of torque. Its speed is limited to 28 mph, but then we have the massive battery. The PowerTube 625 from Bosch has, fittingly, a 625 Wh capacity and can get you up to 50 miles of range on a single charge. If you need more, you can obviously get the range extender, which would add on an additional 500 Wh of capacity.

Trek really wants customers to believe that the Allant+ bikes can be car-killers — so much so that they sent an LA coffee shop owner an Allant+ if he promised to replace all of his car trips with bike rides for 30 days. You can check out that story on the Trek Bikes blog.


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5 Responses

  1. this is just a feedback comment from a prospective buyer.. I’m over age 70 and in the researching phase of my decision making re: bikes for my wife and myself, and my biggest concern is battery replacement. If I lay out $5000 for a bike, I want to know the company will be around and replacement batteries will be available when I need one. There are so many new players in this field it’s reputation that is the key driver for me.. not price. No different than when cars first came out… many many companies, only a few survived…how do I pick the right one?

    1. Quite a few different ways to respond. I’d say that the bike brand, itself, isn’t the key concern. It’s the battery/motor brand. In other words, a Bafang or Bosch battery/drive solution would be serviceable just about anywhere and are backed by billion dollar companies that aren’t going anywhere. Specialized, Trek, and Giant are also massive companies.

  2. Hey, send me a bike to try and show off in Montreal!

    We are new city people, moved up from Maine. We no longer have a car, (2 cars) and we are doing the search for
    E-bikes for both me and my wife! Montreal is a huge biking city and we would love to represent you! Send us a bike and we will guaranteed buy the 2nd one. And we will promote you product everywhere we go!! I’m retired and all over the city every day!!

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