CAKE: Kids Get Ready, Steady, & Go
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CAKE: Kids Get Ready, Steady, & Go

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Swedish motorcycle builder CAKE is helping the next generation of riders get ready for two-wheeled adventures with a new line of eco-friendly bikes for kids, called “Ready, Steady, & Go.”

CAKE is planning on early exposure to help cement brand loyalty in future commuters, starting them off on a Swedish two-wheeler in as little as 18 months’ time. The “Ready” balance bike is designed to help the very youngest riders get— well, ready for the most basic aspects of cycling: sitting and balancing.

Once the kids are steady balancers, they can move up to the Steady bike— a conventional, pedal-powered 10″ single-speed mountain bike for riders about “4 and up” years old. As a bike for kids, it’s a bit pricier than the Schwinn or Huffy options at $400— a bit higher than the Co-op 16 but right in line with bikes from Woom. That said, it sits between the Specialized Riprock and Jett 16″ bikes, both in terms of price and specification, so it feels right.

Finally, there’s the CAKE Go— a fully electric, scaled-down version of the big CAKE electric motorcycles already out there thwarting ivory poachers and thrilling race fans that puts Jr. in full control of the throttle. This is a full-suspension, high-end motorcycle with knobby tires, disc brakes, oil shocks, and a 25 mph top speed. So, it’s for kids— just not any kids. Maybe Ready and Steady kids?

CAKE has this all figured out, don’t they?

We’re pretty convinced— but don’t let us sway you. Check out the basic specs and pricing for yourself, below, then let us know what you think of CAKE’s plans to keep growing their young-ish brand into the future in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Ready Steady Go

Image courtesy CAKE.


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