Dutch Dune Buggy Bewilders and Beguiles 
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Dutch Dune Buggy Bewilders and Beguiles 

The Savage Rivale Coastrunner EV marries modern rugged looks with an electric drivetrain in this Dutch-built dune buggy.

Now we don’t usually think of the Dutch when it comes to cars, sand dunes, and certainly not dune buggies. But the Netherlands has been a hotbed of innovation for centuries, and while they may not be home to any major automakers, they do have an abundance of small, bespoke companies churning out some truly interesting EVs – and the Coastrunner EV is no different. 

The 4-seater beach car sports a 20 kWh battery that is good for 124 miles of dune-running, and a rear-mounted electric motor making 67 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque that can propel it to speeds of up to 75 MPH. You don’t need much more for zipping up and down your favorite beach, and they claim it takes just 30 minutes to get a full charge in for more Dutch buggy action. 

As you might expect from a lifestyle vehicle, it sports roof racks for carrying all sorts of surf boards or what have you.It even comes with an option fridge/cooler for the frunk. The canvas top pops off for more fun in the sun, though what exactly it will cost, Savage Rivale hasn’t said. 


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