Ryvid Anthem Gets Real — Come Ride it at COTA!


Ryvid Anthem Gets Real

We first featured this electric motorcycle back in August, but now it’s ready for prime-time. To prove it, Ryvid is taking it to COTA!

You read that right. After making a huge splash with its “real world ready” prototype last summer, electric motorcycle startup Ryvid is coming to Electrify Expo in Austin, where qualified show-goers will be invited to experience the two-wheeled EV for themselves.

Designed by Dong Tran, a graduate of Detroit’s College of Creative Studies with an impressive resume that covers work at Honda, GM, and BMW.

With such an impressive pedigree, you’d expect the Ryvid Anthem to be good-looking … and it really, really is, and it’s packed with clever design features like a removable, 65 lb. battery pack that can be taken out and charged indoors, making access to street or garage charging almost a non-issue.

Enough talk, however. Take a look at the Ryvid Anthem bike, below, then click here to find out more about how you can experience this bike firsthand at Electrify Expo Austin!


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