The Next Generation of Electric MINI Cooper is Here
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The Next Generation of Electric MINI Cooper is Here

photo of electric mini cooper with multi-colored graphics vehicle wrap on street next to mountain in the winter
  • After the success of its three-door Cooper SE model, MINI unveils its 2024 Cooper Electric branding with two new variants.
  • The new E model is the new entry-level offering, while the SE powers up to 218 horsepower.
  • The 2024 MINI Cooper Electric models begin production in late 2023 before the new Aceman crossover EV joins the new model lineup. 

The experience of owning a MINI has always been about fun, with its small footprint and go-kart-like driving feel. Today, MINI’s focus has shifted slightly to having fun in the future of mobility. In 2020, MINI launched its fully-electric model, the SE, which became the highest-selling variant in 2022. After selling 43,000 SE units worldwide and delivering their one-millionth current-generation three-door last year (just so happened to be an SE), MINI has sought to keep up the momentum with the newly-branded 2024 MINI Cooper Electric.

Available in two spice levels

In MINI’s fifth generation of three-door hatches, the SE will no longer be the only option available with the introduction of the E, which will sit right underneath it. The E will output a BMW-Group-quoted 135 kW (about 183 horsepower), while the SE puts down 160 kW (about 218 horsepower). This new lineup puts the E in the same spot as the outgoing SE, power-wise, while the new SE becomes almost 40 horsepower spicier.

Add to that recipe the low-slung center of gravity that the floor-installed battery provides, prompt power delivery through EV-characteristic instant torque, and no pause for gear changes – the go-kart spirit of having a blast seems alive and well in this new electric generation.   

Powered up, inside and out

The previously-mentioned power levels mean each model will sport a different battery capacity – 40.7 kWh in the E and 54.2 kWh for the SE. Between the two models and their respective batteries, BMW Group estimates a range between 300 to 400 kilometers (about 186 to 249 miles) – a considerable improvement over the outgoing SE’s range of 114 miles on its 32-kWh power source. With four seats, expanding cargo space, and this new-found range, these new MINI Coopers should competently balance the daily commute and occasional weekend getaway quite nicely. 

The Mini Cooper Electric line, scheduled for production at BMW’s Leipzig plant in November of 2023, will roll off the assembly line alongside the existing PHEV Countryman. The upcoming 2024 Aceman – the all-electric rebirth of the sporty Paceman crossover – will also begin manufacturing there soon, rounding out MINI’s near-future EV offerings.

To learn more about MINI and their promising new line of EVs coming our way, head over to   


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  1. Are you sure it will be built in Germany this is contrary to all other reports that it will initially be made in China.

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