"The Life" Modular E-bike Meant to Reduce Waste
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“The Life” Modular E-bike Meant to Reduce Waste

As a response to the zero waste movement, Roetz Bikes has revealed their effort to reduce standard bike and e-bike waste with “The Life”.

Bikes are a great mode of transport and the ride of choice for many Dutch people, but they can still create waste in their own way. Waste Advantage Magazine estimates that about 15 million bikes get discarded every year, after all.

“The Life” follows through on Roetz’s push for a circular economy, where products are made using recovered and reused materials. The Life uses a modular skeleton that should genuinely last a lifetime because users can upgrade or repair the bike by replacing only the obsolete or broken parts.

In a statement, Roetz Bikes said, “We believe that no product should be designed to have only one lifecycle. Therefore we redesigned the concept of a bike as a linear product into a circular product. A product that, in collaboration with continuous monitoring and service, will last forever.”

The e-bike itself comes with a stainless steel frame, to which owners can attach a new seat post, the wheels, motor, brakes … all of it. The drive module with electronic shifting is in the pedal box, providing an automatic shifting 7-speed gear system. It also comes with a carbon belt drive for a smooth, maintenance-free ride.

The removable battery is in the downtube, available in 500 Wh or 840 Wh and offering a range up to 180 km (112 miles). The Life also comes with a tire monitoring system that will alert you when a tire is losing pressure so you’re not left with an inopportune flat.

The pre-order price for the Roetz Life is €3,375 ($3,305) for the 500 Wh battery or €3,725 ($3,648) for the 840 Wh battery. If you’re not sure that you want to officially own one, you can also get a subscription for 12, 24, or 36 months starting at €99 ($97) per month.


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