The Dubbel E-bike Brings Families Along For The Ride

Dubbel E-bike Takes Families For a Ride

Blix unveils 80-mile-range ‘Dubbel’ electric bike to carry your friends, pets, and cargo

Commuter e-bikes have been converted to carry all sorts of cargo – and the Dubbel E-Bike can even haul your family along for the ride.

While Blix is based out of Santa Cruz, it embodies a sweet, Dutch-like charm that feels very much like it puts people first, and the new Dubbel from Blix exemplifies that. It comes with a long rear rack that you can use to carry anything, including a second person (hence the e-bike‘s name). The company calls it a “motorcycle-inspired compact utility e-bike built for social adventures, family time, and practical utility use.”

To be able to carry around all sorts of cargo, from the mundane to the precious, this bike needs to be able to put out some power, which it does with its 750 W motor rated for 90 Nm of torque. It cleverly has smaller, 20×3.3″ tires to help multiply the torque and lower the bike’s center of gravity for a safer ride.

The Blix Dubbel can come with either one or two 148 V 14 Ah batteries, giving off either 673 Wh or 1,344 Wh of capacity. You can get about 40 miles off the one battery but 80 miles with the dual-battery option. This hefty bike already weighs 70 lbs and gets 8 lbs heavier with the second battery, but riders might like the option of so much extra range.

The Dubbel can also be put in Class 2 or even Class 3 mode. In Class 2 mode, the bike can hit 20 mph on throttle only, while the Class 3 mode offers speeds up to 28 mph on pedal assist. The eight-speed Microshift rear derailleur gives you plenty of options to find the right gear and level of effort you want. You also can modify your ride with the Blix Connect platform that connects the bike via Bluetooth to the Blix app.

Don’t worry about losing cargo space if you’re carrying a second person around — there’s still the option for a front cargo rack to hold your other stuff. The bike comes standard with a full fender set, LED lights, and mounting points for other accessories like racks, baskets, and the passenger package.

The Dubbel is currently still on pre-order, with shipments expected to start in October. Retail prices will be $1,999 for the single-battery version and $2,499, but Blix is throwing a launch special where you can get $100 off your pre-order now.


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