RAM Electric Pickup Concept Arrives In November
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RAM Electric Pickup to Arrive in November


The electric truck market is growing – and RAM Revolution will bring the last of the Big Three into this growing market.

The RAM Revolution EV pickup concept will make its debut at this year’s Log Angeles Auto Show – and it almost certainly won’t look anything like the above image. Instead, it will roll out on the new Stellantis STLA Frame platform, which the automaker has tapped to help it catch up in the electric vehicle market. The STLA BEV platform comes in 3 unibody flavors (small, medium, and large) as well as a body-on-frame version that we guess will underpin the RAM Revolution.

Detailed information is thin right now, but this new electric pickup should offer up to 500 miles of gas-free driving from a 200 kWh battery pack. A small 159 kWh battery will also be offered, coming in at 300 – 400 miles of range. Don’t think the RAM Revolution will slouch on power either – Stellantis says it will offer up to 885 horsepower in a dual-motor version, though less powerful models will also be available to keep the price point down. 

Three has been no mention of pricing, by the way – but expect it to be in the same ballpark as the Ford F-150 Lightning, starting in the $40,000 neighborhood. That is, depending on when the RAM Revolution actually comes to market – this is still a concept after all. However, Stellantis knows it has fallen way, way far behind on the hot EV market segment, and getting an electric pickup to market has to be a high priority if they want to stay competitive. With electric pickups from Rivian, Tesla, Nikola, as well as long-time competitors Ford and GM, the RAM Revolution has its work cut out for it.

And, while we’re on the topic of RAM trucks we can’t have — that’s the LATAM-market RAM 700 compact pickup, which is available with 4 cyl. gas and diesel engines and which, if you ask us, would be a prime candidate for Stellantis to bring to the US to compete with the Ford Maverick Hybrid. Check it out for yourself, below, and see if you agee.


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