The 3D-printed E-bike of Champions (Really)
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The 3D-printed E-bike of Champions (Really)

Formula 1’s Fernando Alonso launches first e-bike at Miami Grand Prix

Avid cyclist, fashion-brand owner, and two-time Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion Fernando Alonso decided it was time to launch an e-bike— and he did it with style at the Miami Grand Prix!

It’s not especially rare for racing drivers to endorse products from sponsors, but this is different: this is a product being launched by an active driver— and one of the sport’s all-time greats, at that!

Driving for the Alpine F1 team this year, Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion Alonso keeps busy in the off-season training on road bikes and promoting Kimoa, a lifestyle and fashion he created with a focus on sustainable living. This weekend, the team is racing at the inaugural Formula One Miami Grand Prix— and that’s where ALO decided to launch an all-new, 3D-printed, carbon fiber e-bike under the name, “Kimoa Lab.”

That’s right. This bike isn’t built— it’s printed!

“Unlike other carbon fiber bikes whose frames are glued and bolted together using dozens of individual parts and fabricated from previous-generation thermoset composite materials, the Kimoa bike frame is constructed without joints or glue for seamless strength,” said Kimoa in a statement. “Its next-generation thermoplastic materials make it extremely impact resistant, remarkably lightweight, and most importantly— incredibly sustainable.”


Kimoa LAB E-bike

Kimoa Fernando Alonso E-Bike in Ultraman Red/Silver
Kimoa Lab, in “Ultraman” red/silver; courtesy Kimoa.

If all that sounds expensive, it’s about to sound even expensive-er. Each 3D-printed carbon fiber Kimoa Lab e-bike frame is made-to-measure for each rider and printed by Arevo, an additive manufacturing company . The result is a bespoke fit that takes into account each rider’s unique combination of height, leg, and arm length, as well as riding position preference. All told, there are as many as 500,000 possible configurations— including the Ultraman-inspired configuration we spec’ed out for ourselves, above.

The most shocking thing about the new Kimoa Lab e-bike though, is still the price— because, despite the dizzying heights of technology on display here, the price is a downright reasonable $3,999. And, sure, you can option that up a bit higher, but it’s very much in the meaty part of the “premium e-bike” bell curve. Whether that affordability makes this perfectly custom-tailored e-bike more or less desirable is up to you, but consider this: you’ll probably never get to drive Alonso’s car, but you can definitely ride his bike!

The Kimoa Lab e-bike offers up to 55 miles of range, and can be fully charged in two hours. You can get yours online at, or in-store at SimplyEV and Simply Mac locations across the US.



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