Tesla Offers Free Charging to Boost Sales
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Tesla Offers Free Charging to Boost Sales

Report: Tesla Adds Free Supercharging Miles To Boost Year-End Sales The incentive is for customers who decide to take delivery by the end of the month.

Tesla continues to pile cash on the hood in a bid to goose its Q4 delivery numbers — this time in the form of free EV charging!

According to reports, Tesla has authorized its sales staff to offer as many 10,000 free Supercharging miles to customers who choose to take delivery by the end of the month, piling the new incentives on top of a $3,750 price cut that, the company hopes, will spur more buyers to take delivery of their new EVs this month.

There’s no official word on why these incentives are coming on line so quickly — especially as they come just a few months after Tesla jacked its prices up across the board — but it’s widely speculated that the company’s controversial CEO, Elon Musk, has been driving down public sentiment and demand for Tesla cars due to his handling (or, depending on who you believe, mishandling) of Twitter. That has, in turn, driven down Tesla’s stock price to pre-2020 lows.

Elon’s personal stock sales don’t seem to have helped matters, either. The Tesla CEO sold 22 million shares of his own company earlier this week, according to an SEC filing. The sale raised some $3.6 billion for Musk, who had already sold more than 19.5 million shares just last month, shortly after closing on his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion.

Low delivery numbers in Q4, after failing to reach Q3’s revenue targets and substantially reduced demand in China, may be enough to push TSLA stock down even further.


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