Truckers Call Tesla Semi "Completely Stupid"
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Truckers Call Tesla Semi “Completely Stupid”

Tesla Semi electric freight trucks

Is the Tesla Semi a game changer, or completely stupid? Professional truck drivers over at CDLLife take aim at the new long-hauler.

A Twitter thread posted by career truck driver Tomasz Oryński has gone somewhat viral for its brutal takedown of the Tesla Semi, which highlights just some of the ways the truck’s unique, center seat design is going to make life on the road tougher on truck drivers. It starts here:

Throughout the course of his rant, the driver makes what we think are some good points. “Driver sits in the middle. This makes overtaking or looking ahead more difficult. But also makes it impossible to reach out of the window to pass the paperwork or to talk with the guy in the gatehouse when you enter a port or a factory or, say, a tollbooth,” Orynski said, in one Tweet, continuing with, “The doors are in the back. You enter, hang your coat, and then have to walk a few steps forward to sit behind the wheel. This means that you are wasting cab space for a corridor basically. You can’t place a bed there so the driver can rest, because there are doors there.”

Even getting in and out of the Tesla Semi seems to be a hassle. “And,” he continues, “if you want to get out from the right side, you need to go over the passenger seat that interlocks with driver’s seat so you can’t just walk in front of it like in a standard cab. And sometimes you need to get out to the right – I did it today as had deep snow on my left.”

Oryński goes on, slamming the truck’s door placement, saying the rear doors will make it harder to keep the truck’s cab clean, and more, eventually closing his rant by saying, “I can go on. Bottom line is that this vehicle is a rich boy’s toy, not a practical, working vehicle because its designers have no clue about the realities of transport.”

It sounds to us like the legacy truck brands might have some very good reasons for building their trucks the way they do — but that’s just us. Head on down to the comments and let us know what you think of the new Semi’s chances in the market.


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