Tesla is Shipping Cars to Customers Without Key Fobs

Tesla is Shipping Big Cars Without Keys

New Model S and Model X deliveries are reportedly being shipped without a key fob, on purpose.

Tesla Model S and Model X are taking to the internet, saying their cars were shipped without keys — and it was no mistake!

Whether or not Tesla customers actually get a key fob has always been a bit of a fraught topic, but one that’s become more relevant in recent weeks with the discovery of a security flaw that could allow hackers to duplicate a “key” in about two minutes, with no special equipment.


Not a Fresh Conversation


When the Model 3 and Model Y were introduced, Tesla decided to not provide conventional key fobs, stating that drivers of the smaller cars wouldn’t need a traditional key since they could use their smartphone or a keycard to gain access to their cars. Then, in 2018, the company backtracked and made a fob available for its smaller models.

Tesla quickly backtracked, making a key fob available after the keycard proved tricky to use. Meanwhile, the bigger, pricier Model S and Model X cars have always shipped with a key fob as standard equipmeny — until now, it seems.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, customers who buy the new Model S and Model X will have to pay extra for a fob. One reader said that their newly purchased sedan didn’t come with a fob, and that a delivery advisor allegedly told them the change was implemented for vehicles that delivered after July 1, 2022.
There still seems to be some confusion, though, as some other owners say that they haven’t received a fob with their new Tesla while others have.

The company hasn’t made an official statement regarding this decision (at least, not one that we’ve seen as of this week), but at it seems, at least, that currently scheduled deliveries are still “definitely” going to arrive with a set of key cards.

For a while, anyway.





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