High-Tech, Hubless Reevo E-bike Reinvents the Wheel

Reevo E-bike Reinvents the Wheel

Reevo Hubless E-Bike Reinvents the Wheel

The bike is from Spain, the announcer is English, and the whole thing looks like it’s from outer space. Meet the Reevo hubless e-bike!

After four years of development, an electric bike without spokes or hubs is finally out of the prototype phase, and in series production.

That’s right, kids. The Hubless e-bike from Reevo has finally arrived!

The design looks futuristic, organized around a single tube that contains the removable battery and electric motor. The wheels are basically just rims with internal bearings that allow the tires to move.
It’s a gorgeous, if disconcerting, design for sure, what with its lack of spokes, but Reevo has added storage within the rear wheel with a special backpack that hangs where the spokes would be on a typical bike.

Other design elements that make this built for city use include turn signals, brake lights integrated into the wheels, and LED headlights that automatically turn on in low light. There’s also an anti-theft system with a fingerprint reader that records up to five different fingerprints in case the bike is shared. Plus, it has a motion detection alarm that can activate and send an alert to your cell phone in the event someone tries to steal it, providing the bike’s location in real time via GPS.

For being a city bike, this isn’t some weak little thing. Though the drivetrain has been limited to 250 watts for the European market to comply with regulations, it can have 750 watts of total power. The battery is 48 volts and promises a range of 60 kilometers, or a little over 37 miles.

The Hubless is a product of a major crowdfunding campaign that raised more than half a million euros over just a few months, bringing in more than 1,000% (that’s 10x) more than the initial fundraising goal. (!) Prices range from €4,795 to €4,995 (about $5,000, in other words), no word on what shipping to the US might cost.


Reevo — the Hubless E-bike




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