Tesla Cybertruck Will Cost More Than Originally Estimated
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Tesla Cybertruck Will Cost More

Elon Musk admitted that Tesla cannot launch Cybertruck with the previously planned price

Last week’s shareholder meeting was full of bad news for people waiting on Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s more expensive now … and still late!

Since its debut in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck has become — let’s admit it — a bit of a punchline for some people. It’s supposed to have a “nearly impenetrable” exoskeleton and glass that will stop a bullet … but not, crucially, a softball thrown by a South African tech billionaire.


Heck of a Throwing Arm


Telsa also promised that its edgy Cybertruck will rocket from zero to 60 MPH in 2.9 seconds, but it also looks like it was a cobbled-together prop car for a straight-to-video RoboCop ripoff. But, at least it was going to be cheap, at just $39,900.

Clearly, that last part’s not happening anymore.

At the annual shareholder meeting last week, Tesla CEO Technoking Elon Musk said that the Cybertruck‘s specs and price “will be different,” noting that inflation and other “various issues” have apparently impacted the production process.

There have been no more details shared by Musk or Tesla about what the actual price will be on the Cybertruck, nor are we certain when this thing will actually go into production. First, production was supposed to start in late 2021, but then that was delayed until 2022, and then even later it became “hopefully” 2023. Meanwhile, carmakers like Ford and Rivian have had very little problem launching their own electric trucks, with Ford already having started deliveries on the Ford F-150 Lightning earlier this year and Rivian far enough along to already have a recall. (!)

People who want to look like they drive around in a cheesy cyberpunk villain’s ride are just going to have to wait … at least a little bit longer.


Tesla Cybertruck Concept Art




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