Spotted: Neta E Electric Coupe


Spotted: Neta E Electric Coupe

Neta E in white side view

The Chinese market is the source of some of the best-looking EVs out there, and the new Neta E adds one more appealing car to the country’s offerings.

Earlier in January, pictures of two new Neta E models surfaced online, perhaps as they were being prepped for a more official photoshoot. The Neta E will be the first fully electric four-seat coupe. It has a classic coupe shape with large headlights and “air vents” in both the hood and front fender. And although it may look like a liftback, it has a sedan-style trunk.

The company plans to sell two versions of the Neta E: a single-motor rear-wheel drive that puts out 228 hp and a dual-motor all-wheel drive version that can crank out 456 hp.

The single-motor rear-wheel drive version weighs 1820 kg (over 4,000 lbs), while the dual-motor all-wheel drive version weighs 1950 kg (nearly 4,300 lbs). The top speed for both versions is limited to 190 km/h (118 mph). The size of the battery packs is still unknown, but we do know that the rear-wheel drive version has a range of 560 kilometers (348 miles), while the all-wheel drive car has a range of 580 kilometers (360 miles). The larger range of the all-wheel drive car most likely means that it has a larger battery pack.

While the Neta E is pretty large overall and is technically a four-seater, the backseat space still seems a bit limited. But it does come with cool features like a glass roof and a floating screen for the instrument panel (in the Neta S, the panel is integrated into the dash). Another neat touch is the red “exhaust pipe” frames that offer a little more pizazz to the rear, as well as the subtle integrated spoiler on the trunk lid.

The Neta E is set to launch on the Chinese car market in the coming quarter and without any direct competitors.



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