Cummins RV Hybrid Concept Bows
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Cummins RV Hybrid Concept Bows

Cummins hybrid RV

Global power company Cummins is exploring ways to make RVing more sustainable.

The company has created a hybrid concept that seamlessly combines battery storage and gas-generated power, reducing noise and emissions while still providing days of power. Cummins debuted this new hybrid power concept at the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow earlier this January.

The concept starts with a large lithium-ion leisure battery designed to store ample energy for running an array of onboard camper equipment, on or off the grid. Instead of relying solely on solar panels and vehicle alternator charging to keep the battery topped up, Cummins incorporated a 2.8 kW Onan QG 2800i gasoline generator for ensuring the batteries don’t deplete all the way down to zero.

Cummins says the combination offers the same amount of overall power as a 5 kW generator but has the advantage of less noise, emissions, or vibrations. The batteries operate silently, while the QG 2800i has been designed for efficient operation with less noise and vibration compared to larger generators. The sound level of the 2800i is 65 dB(A) compared to 69 dB(A) for the 5.5 kW Onan QG 5500 RV generator.

The third component of this RV concept is a power distribution hub that manages output and input from the dual power sources. It houses inverter, converter, and charger hardware inside a compact box. The system is also solar-compatible, supporting up to 500 W of solar input.

The company has not shared any specific plans to bring its hybrid system to market, framing it instead as part of its larger overall exploration of RV power solutions that are meant to push the market toward a net-zero future.


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