Neta S Goes Up to 680 Miles, Has a Starting Price of 29K
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Neta S: 680 Miles, Starts at 29K

Neta S Lauched in China, Starts at $29,600, gets 680 miles of range

Built to compete directly with the Tesla Model 3, the new Neta S starts at $29,600 and offers up to 680 miles of all-electric range.

Chinese EV maker Hozon Auto has paced itself in how it releases vehicles, announcing just one every year since 2018. In 2021, the company unveiled the Neta S concept at the Shanghai Auto Show. Now the sedan has been officially launched, with a price range of 199,880 yuan ($29,600) to 338,800 yuan ($50,300).

This mid-size sedan offers a crisp, clean look, with “cat’s whiskers” running lights and a wide, low stance that gives it a more grounded appearance. The smooth rear has a ducktail spoiler and a mock diffuser below the rear bumper to give it a sporty, Porsche-esque vibe.

The inside of the Neta S looks to be a luxe experience, from the full-length glass roof to the leather and wood grain accents. The dashboard doesn’t have some cute and tiny touch screen – instead, a giant 17.6-inch portrait touch screen is smack in the center, meaning even people in the back seat can see whatever is up on the screen. The front passenger side has another, smaller widescreen display (at “only” 12.3 inches) that allows control of the car’s personal entertainment options.


Neta S Interior

Neta S Interior
Neta S interior; courtesy Hozon Auto.

The car will have two power variants, each with their own options. The pure electric version will offer a rear-wheel drive option with a range of 715 km (444 miles), a four-wheel drive option with a 650 km range (404 miles), and a base trim with a 520 km range (323 miles). A PHEV version will be available that offers nearly 700 miles of range per tank/charge.

The extended range version can run on pure electric power, giving 310 km of driving range (193 miles). But when combined with fuel power, it has a maximum range of 1,160 km (721 miles) – at least, according to China Light Duty Vehicle Test Cycle conditions.

The Neta S is on sale now, with the first deliveries to customers expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year. You can take a look at some of Hozon Auto’s press photos in the meantime, below, then let us know what you think of the Neta in the comments.


Neta S by Hozon Auto




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