Ryvid Anthem is Real-world Ready
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Ryvid Anthem is Real-world Ready

The Ryvid Anthem offers almost unrivalled accessibility and ergonomic adjustability, but its lightweight battery comes at the cost of range.

Motorcycle startup Ryvid is showing off an all-new electric motorcycle that’s designed for the way you ride.

New American electric motorcycle brand Ryvid has unveiled its first bike, the Anthem. But rather than being bold, brash, and out of reach for the average commuter, the Anthem is designed with convenience and affordability in mind.

First of note is the adjustable ride height, dubbed Ergo-Easy. This includes being able to adjust the seat height between 30 inches to 34 inches right out of the factory rather than riders needing to get aftermarket parts to accomplish this. The front suspension and rear shock also have adjustable damping.

Other important aspects include the removable 65-lb battery pack and, more importantly, the weight. The Anthem weighs only 240 pounds, less than half the weight of your average motorcycle. This means you can reach the top speed of 75 mph pretty quickly.

The only drawback to this lightweight approach is how long that battery lasts. It has a capacity of only 4.3 kWh, meaning that you can only go 75 miles on “Eco Mode” and only 50 miles on “Sport Mode.”

To also offer better accessibility to people without a ton of money to burn, the Ryvid Anthem will cost only $7,800. Ryvid is planning a run of 1,000 as its first production model. They’ll officially go on sale later this month, with deliveries expected to start next summer.


Ryvid Anthem Prototype




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    1. Hi Bennie,

      Are you in the Los Angeles/Orange County area? If so, or if you have plans being in the area, please shoot us an email and we’ll set you up with a test ride or give you a product walk through.

      We’ll also be showing up to more events where people will have the opportunity to take demo rides and meet our team.

    1. Hi Laurence,

      We’re located in Irvine, Ca. Please follow us on IG @ryvid_ev for latest info on events or shoot us an email if you’re in the area and we’ll set something up for you.

      Price is $7,800 and if you purchase the Launch Edition we’ll knock off $500 towards the shipping price along with other special incentives for our early adopters.
      Deliveries will be Summer 2023 on the Launch Edition.

      Another option is to put down a $500 deposit for deliveries by end of 2023.

      Please check our website for more info.


      Ryvid Team

  1. Too short a range, too high a price, no storage, and since it won’t start shipping until next year it’ll probably never happen.
    You’re competeing with Vmotos super soco CPX and failing.

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