Razer x NIU SQi Electric Motorcycle Bows in Beijing
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Razer x NIU SQi Electric Motorcycle

NIU launches futuristic-looking electric moped that’s half e-bike, half e-motorcycle

The biggest two-wheeled EV company in the world is at it again — meet the all-new NIU SQi electric motorcycle!

Electric motorbikes have the opportunity to help riders re-think what motorcycles should look and feel like. Beijing-based NIU Technologies is helping that process along with its new SQi model, a truly sleek-looking, lightweight moped.

What’s ultimately intriguing about the SQi, though, is that it’s technically an electric bicycle. It’s hard to see at first with the cool, aggressive lines of the body shape, but this thing actually has bicycle pedals. This means that, within the Chinese market anyway, its speed will be neutered to the standard 25 km/h (15.5 mph). If it makes it to the international market, a 45 km/h (28 mph) top speed is a possibility.
The rear hub motor offers a continuous power rating of 400 W, while the removable battery is 48 V and comes in either a 960 Wh or 1,152 Wh option. 

A fun NIU feature that’s included in this motorcycle-inspired e-bike as well is connectivity through the NIU smartphone app, which allows riders to use GPS to locate their bike, monitor their battery levels, and run vehicle diagnostics — what’s more, plans gave been announced for an exclusive, China-only version of the bike developed in concert with PC gaming company Razer.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced the collaboration this past weekend via Twitter, and promises a bike that will feature magnesium wheels, 220 mm disc brakes up front, and 180 mm at the rear. Details there, too, are limited (for now).


NIU SQi New Light Electric Motorbike


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