Could a New-age Roadmaster Put Buick Back on Top?

New-age Roadmaster Could Put Buick on Top

buick roadmaster concept flagship

In a recent episode of the Electrify News podcast, Matt and Jo pondered Buick’s role in an all-electric future— but if they’d seen this new-age Buick Roadmaster-style “Flagship” concept? They might have been a bit lot more optimistic!

This Buick concept was first posted on Bēhance as a an art project from a group of Chinese designers. That’s significant, because Buick is a big deal in China, where it has long enjoyed a prestigious reputation as the car brand of choice for guys like Sun Yat Sen, one of the founding fathers of modern China, and Zhoi Enlai, who was the first premiere of the People’s Republic of China.

To their credit, too, Buick was among the first western brands to lean into the Chinese market, where buyers in the all-important 35-50 HHI demographic see the big, soft sedans as something like limousines— and that’s been especially true of Buick’s minivans and crossovers. And those big, comfy Buick crossovers, by the way? They have already been fully electric in China for years.

In that context? A massively expensive, ultra high-end Buick Flagship concept like the one shown here makes perfect sense for China— but could it work in the US?

As the Buick brand struggles for relevance in the US, a high-end, ultra-luxe “Roadmaster” sort of living room on wheels equipped with GM’s Super Cruise autonomous driving tech? That might be a pretty compelling alternative to something like the Tesla Model X or Lincoln Star Concept. Combine a compelling product with GM’s nationwide dealer and service network and award-winning OnStar connected safety system?

We think a new Buick Roadmaster might be a winner— but what do you guys think? Check out a few of the Flagship concept renderings to get a sense of it, below, then let us know what you think of the idea in the comments. If you really want to get into a deep dive and see the whole project, head over to Bēhance and watch the video.


Buick “Roadmaster” Flagship Concept


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