CAKE Takes On USA for the Electric Conquest of Continents 2.0
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CAKE Takes On USA for the Electric Conquest of Continents 2.0

Jackie and Bobbie standing near their CAKE motorcycles on an otherwise empty road

In the next thrilling chapter of the global expedition aptly titled “The Electric Conquest of Continents,” Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer, CAKE, is embarking on a second cross-continent journey through the USA. The compass points from the bustling heart of NYC to the coastal charm of LA, journeying through dirt, gravel, forests, and farmlands, with Jackie Rosenstein, CAKE’s US Sales Manager, and Bobbie Long, a passionate CAKE enthusiast, leading the way.

Across the USA, Piece of CAKE

They’re charting a course that sets off at the CAKE shop in the Big Apple and traverses the rugged paths of the Trans-America Trail from Ripley, West Virginia. Riding along mostly dirt, gravel, forest, and farm roads, they’ll make their way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. They’ll finish by soaking in the rich history of Route 66, and concluding the epic ride at the Santa Monica Pier, ultimately then going to Marina Del Rey’s CAKE’s shop site.

This electric odyssey begins October 19, 2023, hot on the heels of Sinje Gottwald’s audacious solo journey from Barcelona to Cape Town earlier this spring. Sinje’s spirit of adventure not only lit the torch but continues to illuminate the purpose of this expansive global endeavor.

An Inspired Journey

“The Electric Conquest of Continents carries multiple layers of ambition. We’re about zero-emissions, the joy of riding without disturbing, and the relentless test of CAKE gear and its durability,” says Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO at CAKE. “However, the bottom line is about inclusiveness and sustainability, inspiring more women toward motorcycling, confidence, self-esteem, and independence. From me to my amazing colleagues Jackie, Sinje, and Bobbie, thanks for doing this. You have inspired and will continue to inspire thousands, leading the way in numerous aspects where we all need to accelerate.”

“It’s truly inspiring to see a CAKE colleague taking on the monumental challenge of being the first to cross the USA on an electric motorcycle, and our second to conquer a continent on our Kalk electric motorcycle, furthering our zero-emission vision. Eagerly awaiting Jackie’s return to LA and the stories she’ll bring,” says Luke Tuttle, CAKE’s Managing Director for North America. “We’re proud that our colleagues want to and are doing this. Ambassadors for the future of transportation, showing what’s possible and empowering and encouraging new riders while convincing the last electric vehicle skeptics!”

Electric Conquest of Continents

The broader mission? A valiant conquest of all continents, steered by formidable women riders. Apart from promoting the delight of silent rides and fossil-free commuting, this venture serves as a robust testing ground for the endurance and resilience of CAKE’s gear.

Their aim is to conquer all continents, one by one, led exclusively by women riders. Aside from engaging people along the way on fossil-free transportation and the sheer joy of riding silently, it’s also an opportunity to test the CAKE gear and its durability. If their bush bike held up with no problem through the harsh conditions in Africa, it seems they should have no issue traversing the North American continent. 



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