Magonis Wave e-550 Hits 22 Knots in Open Water
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Magonis Wave e-550 Hits 22 Knots in Open Water

Magonis e-550 electric boat

Spanish boat manufacturer Magonis is celebrating a recent run of its new Wave e-550 boat off the coast of Sabaudia, Italy, where the Wave was clocked at more than 22 knots (over 25 mph) across the open ocean – a first for an all-electric leisure boat like this.

Magonis’ high-speed Wave e-550 is powered by a recently introduced 30 kW Mag Power electric outboard motor, successfully showcasing higher performance at sea. Paired with three class-leading, li-ion Power 48-5000 has 5 kWh capacity batteries, the Magonis can cruise for up to 10 hours at 3 knots – an effective range of just under 40 miles.

While that may not seem like the most thrilling ride – it’s more than enough to cruise Spanish lakes or take in the sights in Venice, which is exactly where a super-cool, well-appointed little runabout like this is probably most at home.Image courtesy Magonis.

Image courtesy Magonis.

The 18-foot Magonis Wave e-550 (shown, above, with a Torqeedo outboard) is a perfectly silent, low wake design perfect for touring and sightseeing. And, since it only draws 11 inches of water, it can get right up to just about any beach or sandbar you want to party on.

The Magonis is ready to party, too. The Wave e-550 comes with a number of features not usually found on boats this size, starting with fully digital instrumentation and navigation that displays on a waterproofed iPad, a dedicated slot for charging smartphones, convertible dinette, and a 120 W Fusion sound system.

No word on pricing for this Mediterranean speedster, but if you ask …


More About Magonis

Magonis has its headquarters in Barcelona, but produces its boats out the port city of Sabaudia, Italy. The Italo-Spanish shipyard draws on the different influences of the two countries and cultures, and jokes internally about tempering the Catalan creativity and exuberance with Italian taste and technology. It’s hard to argue with the results – and their 18-foot day boat that can easily cruise in comfort on Lake Garda (including the upper lake that’s forbidden to internal combustion motorboats), or on the Med for a quick crossing from Ibiza to Formentera.



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