Jeep Recon EV is Coming to America as a 2024 Model
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Jeep Recon EV is Coming to America

One of the first all-new electric SUVs that will launch in North America is the Jeep Recon.

One of three recently-revealed EVs, the Jeep Recon EV, shown here, will be the first all-electric Jeep in the US.

The official press copy says that the all-electric Jeep Recon was designed from the ground up to be, “100% Jeep 4×4, and 100% zero emission.” What “100% Jeep” means is unclear, at best– but it does seem to have something to do with the ability to drive around with the roof and doors removed, Wrangler-style, to experience the great outdoors– or the drive to Walmart, anyway– au naturale, as it were.


No Roof, No Doors, All Jeep

2024 Jeep Recon EV; courtesy Jeep.

This SUV will be offered exclusively as a “pure” battery electric vehicle (BEV), which Jeep will “enhance” off-roading adventures with superior low-end torque, more predictable torque-vectoring for better individual wheel control, and– of course!– the quiet.

“The all-new, all-electric Jeep Recon has the capability to cross the mighty Rubicon Trail, one of the most challenging off-road trails in the US, and reach the end of the trail with enough range to drive back to town and recharge,” said Christian Meunier, Jeep brand CEO, who seems to have forgotten the Jeep Trailhead charging network launched in partnership with Electrify America last year. (That’s OK, Chris– most people forgot about it. –Ed.)

The Recon will be among the first of the new, all-electric Stellantis products to be rolled out to US buyers, and it’s all part of the company’s bigger EV plan. “With the continuous expansion of the 4xe technology across our entire portfolio, we are redefining freedom and adventure in a way that only the Jeep brand can,” said Jim Morrison, head of Jeep brand North America. “By the end of 2025, our full lineup will be electrified, including four all-electric vehicles competing in the heart of the marketplace.”

You can check out a few more pictures of the upcoming 2024 Jeep Recon EV, below– but they’re just renderings, for now. Let us know what you think of them, and whether or not you think the real thing will capture the hearts of Jeep fans in the comments.








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