TerraTrike Launches Affordable Reverse Trike
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TerraTrike Launches Affordable Reverse Trike

TerraTrike Charge

Most e-bikes and e-trikes are pretty expensive purchases, but TerraTrike is looking to make at least one of its offerings more attainable.

TerraTrike was one of the first manufacturers out there to be selling electric tricycles, all the way back in 2014. Now, their online shop carries trikes for leisure, adventure, performance…even tandem! And they have two electric trikes up for sale now. The EVO recumbent was especially exciting when it first came out, with its tadpole style (two wheels up front and one in the back), comfortable seating position, and powerful Bosch motor that puts out 65 Nm of torque. But the sticker shock was real for many at a whopping $5,000.

So now we also have the Charge, which is a bit more affordable at $3,249. It also uses that tadpole/reverse tricycle design, but it is built more for comfortable cruising with a 250 W rear hub motor and 43 Nm of torque. It also doesn’t have a hand throttle, which means you can make the 374 Wh battery last for a good long while because you’ll only be using it for pedal assist.

TerraTrike sales and marketing director Marshall Randall shared that this is a trike for people who want comfort and ease: “This new Charge is going to open doors for so many riders wishing to extend their riding range with the addition of e-assist and the comfort a tadpole trike brings. We’re seeing a number of new offerings in the more upright delta style e-trikes, where you have two wheels in back, which is great, but we’re confident that riders wishing for a bit more comfort, stability and performance will fall in love with the benefits of the Charge.”

He continued, “I’ve never been so proud of a price-point trike. People of all ages and abilities can now enjoy the comfort, safety and just the pure fun of an e-assist trike at a lower cost of entry than we’ve ever been able to offer.”

What makes the tadpole design so nice for so many recumbent riders is that it can be comfortable for more body types because you’re not sitting upright on a small bike saddle. Also, the seating position on a trike like the Charge has the rider close to the center of the wheel axle with a low center of gravity, which increases stability — especially in turns.

We wager that you should be prepared to see more electrified tricycles like these out on park pathways soon.


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