THOR Industries Unveils EV Charging Station Concept for Electric RVs
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THOR Industries Unveils EV Charging Station Concept for Electric RVs

THOR EV charging station showing solar panels above charging
  • THOR Industries revealed renderings of a proposed EV charging station designed to accommodate electric recreational vehicles (eRVs).
  • The stations would handle eRV charging for a range of eRVs, from compact trailers to the largest Class A motorhomes.
  • The company supports the RV Industry Association’s effort to encourage federal and state government investments in installing eRV-compatible stations, such as THOR’s concept.

THOR Industries recently revealed innovative 3-D renderings of a proposed eRV charging station specifically designed to cater to a range of electric recreational vehicles (eRVs), from compact travel trailers towed by EVs to the most extensive Class A motorhomes. The innovative design serves practical charging needs and seeks to enhance the outdoor experience for eRV travelers. It’s a clear representation of THOR’s commitment to facilitating the development of eRV charging in locations that RV owners favor.

Leading the Charge for eRV Infrastructure

As a global pioneer in RV innovation, THOR Industries spearheads several initiatives to make electric infrastructure available for RV owners across North America. Beyond conceptualizing and creating its innovative charging station, the company is also proactively endorsing the RV Industry Association’s efforts to rally federal and state governments to invest in deploying eRV-compatible charging stations. This underlines THOR’s commitment not only to innovation but also to the sustainable future of RV travel.

“Electrified transportation will play a central role in the future of RVing as eRVs become available for purchase, and more people opt to pull a traditional or electrified travel trailer with an electric tow vehicle,” said THOR Industries President and CEO Bob Martin. “A charging station ecosystem that can accommodate eRVs and the use of EV as tow vehicles are essential to this transformation, which is why THOR is actively exploring options to support the effort. We designed this concept to provide states and rural communities a better understanding of the infrastructure needed near parks, destination towns and other popular destinations to retain the tremendous economic benefits future RV travelers will offer.”

THOR’s Vision: Redefining eRV Charging with Nature-Inspired Stations

THOR Industries firmly believes that every aspect of the eRV experience should be enjoyable, including eRV charging. The concept charging station they have proposed is not just a practical tool but also a thoughtfully designed, pristine facility that focuses on the needs and comforts of travelers. Unlike traditional gas stations, this station encourages travelers to spend most of their charging time outside their vehicles. Instead of a concrete jungle, the EV charging station concept incorporates elements of natural beauty into its design. This is made possible as eRV charging stations do not store or handle fuel, thus allowing for more flexibility in design and integration with nature. This innovative initiative by THOR takes a step further in making eRV travel sustainable and a delightful experience.


The conception of this charging station is deeply rooted in the best practices laid out by the esteemed engineering firm Black & Veatch (B&V). These practices were initially delineated in a recent whitepaper commissioned jointly by THOR Industries and the RV Industry Association. The paper presents a comprehensive economic argument for states to allocate a portion of the readily available $7.5 billion federal EV funding, earmarked for state and tribal governments, towards constructing eRV-compatible pull-through charging stations. This innovative approach fortifies the infrastructure for electric vehicles and ushers in a new era of eco-friendly RV travel.

THOR’s Concept is a Beautiful Outdoor Area For Travelers to Relax In

The proposed concept of the eRV charging station encompasses several features that enhance the infrastructure of EV charging and contribute to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the location. These features have been designed to facilitate seamless access and maneuverability for large motorized eRVs or EV cars/trucks towing RVs. They include broad road access points for easy ingress-egress and wide aisles between the pull-through charger islands.

Moreover, the station goes beyond just being a charging point. It aims to be a haven for travelers with visitor amenities such as restrooms, play areas, and picnic areas. Natural landscaping, including berms, trees, and green spaces, enhances the station’s aesthetics and users’ refreshing and relaxing experiences.

In line with its core mission of promoting sustainable travel, the station incorporates sustainability features such as recycling containers, a rain harvesting system, and solar panels on the charger shelter roofs. These elements reflect environmental consciousness and contribute to the station’s energy efficiency. This meticulous and innovative design sets a new benchmark for eRV-compatible charging stations, making EV travel practical, sustainable, and enjoyable.



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