The World’s Biggest Tesla Supercharger Will Have Over 160 Stalls in California
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The World’s Biggest Tesla Supercharger Will Have Over 160 Stalls in California

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  • The new Tesla Supercharger station will be able to charge 160 EVs simultaneously.
  • It will store power using the Tesla Battery Energy Storage System to provide uptime during peak charging hours.
  • The new Supercharger station will be the largest in California and around the globe.

Tesla revealed plans for a supersized Supercharger station near Lost Hills in Kern County just off Interstate Highway 5 at the exit for state Route 46. The newest Tesla Supercharger in California will have the power and space to charge 160 EVs simultaneously.


Powering the Supercharger Station

This new station will require a Tesla microgrid with solar canopies and plenty of storage thanks to the Tesla Battery Energy Storage System with Megapacks. Currently, the largest Tesla Supercharger station is in Coalinga, California.

This isn’t just the biggest Tesla Supercharger in California, but also the largest in the world. The Harris Ranch Supercharger station has 98 charging bays. The new Kern County station is a few hundred feet from a pre-existing 20-stall V3 Supercharging station in a Denny’s parking lot.

Growing the Supercharger Network

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Before the Harris Ranch facility, the largest Tesla charging stations in California began with the Kettleman City facility with 40 stalls. Tesla then opened 76 stalls at The Outlets at Tejon in the San Joaquin Valley. While the largest Tesla charging station in the world is the Harris Ranch facility, the largest EV charging station on the planet is in Shenzhen, China, with 637 spots. 

According to the latest Tesla Supercharger news, the newest location was selected because of its proximity between Northern and Southern California. Tesla Superchargers along I-5 in California are already busy, and they are expected to become busier as more EV brands gain access to NACS charging


The Future of Tesla Supercharger Stations

The massive new station is giving EV drivers a glimpse of what future Tesla Supercharger stations might look like. The automaker and charging giant is planning to add 16-pull-through stalls for vehicles towing a trailer with their Cybertrucks or other EVs. It’s inconvenient to disconnect a trailer to access EV chargers, and Tesla recognizes that this route is frequented by vacationers with trailers.

Tesla has not shared upcoming Supercharger plans, especially after layoffs in the Supercharger department shocked the EV industry. However, the plans for the newest Tesla Supercharger in California will reduce charging costs by using renewable energy. The newest plans for the I-5 and Highway 46 charging station includes plans for the microgrid. When drivers eventually access the station, they can trust that it’s an eco-friendly project that does not strain nearby utilities. 

Meeting the Needs of the EV-Driving Population

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Unfortunately, the plans for the newest Tesla Supercharger do not have a timeline, but many expect it will be ready for use by the end of 2024. The Supercharger will not only meet the needs of Tesla drivers, but it will deliver service to EVs with CCS-to-NACS adaptors — like those from Ford, Rivian, and Hyundai. 

Tesla Superchargers in California and elsewhere on the planet can add about 200 miles of range in about 15 minutes. The reliable charging network reports some of the best uptime stats of any charging network. Tesla drivers continually report that they are satisfied with the network’s locations and charging speeds. Tesla has built about 6,000 Tesla Superchargers, and they can charge about 55,000 EVs simultaneously. 



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