Lucid Air Gets Home Charging, Accessory Line
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Lucid Gets Home Charging, Accessory Line

NEWS: Lucid Releases First At-Home Charging Station, Expanded Storage, + All-Weather Products

Ultra-luxe EV brand Lucid just launched a new home charger, plus a lineup of accessories for its Dream super sedan.

The crew from Lucid sent over a full description of the new lineup, which takes a cue from the Jeep and Mopar brands and adds a branded, wall-mounted L2 charger that’s good for 19.2 kW of charging. Which – we know, that doesn’t sound like it means anything, but it’s amazing. With the company’s high-end battery tech, that’s good for 80 miles of range per hour, and no other home charger comes close (yet).

Lucid Connected Home Charging Station 

The first at-home charging solution from Lucid can support up to 19.2 kW of electrical power, which enables charging of up to 80 miles per hour to match the Air’s industry-leading fast AC charging rate. The home station will effectively double the rate at which the Air can be charged when installed at full power compared to the included charging cable. 

Lucid’s in-house Design and Engineering teams set out to package the most amount of charging power into the smallest enclosure possible, resulting in a home charging system that is the size of competitive offerings while delivering significantly more charging power. The compact new system is encapsulated in an elegant black casing built to be wall-mounted either indoors or outdoors. The station connects to the vehicle with a lightweight 24-foot charging cable designed to be thinner than those of competitors to improve the home charging experience.

The charging station is equipped with hardware ready for bi-directional electrical power and is Wi-Fi enabled for future over-the-air updates. This product serves as the first offering to support Lucid customers looking to integrate their vehicle into the company’s future energy ecosystem.

Lucid Air Cargo Capsule

Designed in-house, the sleek Air Cargo Capsule provides the utility of a roof box while optimizing the aerodynamics of the box to ensure maximum range. The Cargo Capsule adds 11.47 cubic ft. of cargo space to the Air’s class-leading 32.5 cubic ft. of interior cargo space, a capacity increase of more than 33% without the need to fold the rear seats.

The spacious and streamlined capsule, composed of a sculpted ABS shell, is exclusively available in black and finished in split gloss and matte black finishes with a gloss black Lucid logo. The capsule can be opened from either side of the vehicle for easy access to the additional storage space and offers interior lighting for visibility in low-light environments. 

Lucid Air Crossbars

Designed and engineered specifically to complement the aerodynamic slope of the roof, Lucid Air Crossbars are sturdy and sleek aluminum bars load rated for up to 165 lbs. with a minimal impact on aerodynamics. The crossbars are compatible with several Yakima mounts, including those for bikes, surfboards, and kayaks, that seamlessly blend into the lifestyles of the most adventurous of the brand’s customers.

Lucid Air All-Weather Mats 

All-weather floor mats for the Lucid Air, also designed in-house, are composed of a heavy-duty thickness to hold up through any season. All mats are non-slip and waterproof, and feature raised edges for a more rugged alternative to the standard carpeted floor mats. 

Lucid All-Weather Mats mirror the cars’ four, available colors: Ceramic, Graphite, Saddle and Black. Floor Mats will are available as a three-piece set.

Lucid Accessory Pricing

Lucid Vehicle AccessoriesPrice (USD)
Connected Home Charging Station $1,200
Air Cargo Capsule$2,000
Air Crossbars$500
Air All-Weather Mats, Three-Piece Interior Set$250


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