BMW 'Gen6' Battery to Offer More Than 620 Miles of Range
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BMW ‘Gen6’ Battery to Go 620 Miles

Good news gets even better with news that BMW’s new batteries would be good for more than 600 miles of driving!

The 6th generation BMW EV batteries are full of promise – and one of those promises is more than 600 miles of electric range!

“Gen6 batteries will give us 30% or more range than our current Gen5, but we won’t go over 1000km [620 miles] of range, even though we can,” said Thomas Albrecht, head of Efficient Dynamics for BMW, in an interview with Autocar. “We don’t think that such a long range is necessary.”

In addition to improved, Lucid-challenging range, the new Gen6 EV battery promises significantly faster charging than the already pretty efficient Gen5s. According to the head of the battery cell department at BMW, Marie-Therese von Srbik, DC Fast Charging times stand to improve by as much as 30 percent. In addition, BMW’s future EVs with the new pack will support up to 270 kW fast charging. “With this next generation of battery, we will be much more flexible with how we integrate the cell. The whole vehicle is becoming more adaptive towards that.”

Albrecht also noted that, while the US will likely require an electric car’s battery to maintain as much as 80% performance over 10 years of use, BMW’s CATL-sourced Gen6 battery aren’t just expected to perform better – they’ll last longer, and be cleaner to produce, too. “The agreement builds on the two companies’ shared commitment to building a sustainable and in future circular battery value chain. CATL will primarily utilize renewable energies and secondary materials for the production of the high-performance battery cells. Cobalt and lithium used for the new generation of battery cells will be sourced from certified mines.”

That, plus BMW’s commitment to develop closed loop recycling across its production lines should mean nothing but good things as the “Ultimate Driving Bavarians” Bavarians continues to electrify their line-up … speaking of which, we still think the new electric BMW i7 is the best-looking new 7 series in more than twenty years. They brought it out to Electrify Expo New York to give the public a sneak peek at the new flagship Bimmer, and we loved it!

You can check out the new i7 for yourself, below, then let us know what you think of BMW’s new Gen6 battery hype in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


2023 BMW i7 at Electrify Expo New York




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