Bosch to Invest $260 Million in South Carolina

Bosch to Invest $260 Million in SC

Bosch announces electric motor production in Charleston and more than $260 million in new investment At least 350 net new jobs expected with new expansion

The push to accelerate EV manufacturing in the United States is getting a $260 million boost from Bosch in South Carolina.

Bosch announced the official start of production of electric motors at its Charleston, SC manufacturing facility. Additionally, the company plans to invest fully $260 million more to further expand production of electrification products at the site, which is expected to create at least 350 new, high-paying manufacturing jobs by 2025.

“We have grown our electrification business globally and here in the North American region,” said Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America. “We’ve invested more than $6 billion dollars in electromobility development and in 2021 our global orders for electromobility surpassed $10 billion dollars for the first time. Local production helps to advance our customers’ regional electrification strategies, and further supports the market demand for electrification.”

The electric motor production arm at the Charleston site began earlier this month, and covers approximately 200,000 square feet of an existing building on the Bosch Rexroth Charleston campus. The new assembly area includes the production of rotors and stators, and the final assembly of the electric motor.

The company has secured additional e-mobility business that requires further expansion at the plant. An additional approximately 75,000 square feet will be added onto the existing building to make room for future production.

“As more electrified solutions come to the market, the strong footprint and skilled workforce in South Carolina is well established to help organizations bring these solutions to the market,” said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster. “We are grateful for another strong commitment from Bosch to our state.”

Bosch Rexroth Facility in SC


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