ABB E-mobility Supercharges EV Charging in North America
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ABB E-mobility Supercharges EV Charging in North America

ABB E-mobility expands solutions for public and fleet EV charging in North America
  • ABB E-mobility introduces Terra 360 Charger: 360 kW power, full charge in <15 mins, dual-outlet design for simultaneous charging.
  • HVC360 Power Cabinet: Charges 4 buses/trucks simultaneously, dynamic power level, flexible installation options for fleet operators.
  • Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A: Versatile charger for light/medium-duty fleets, 9.6-19.2 kW power, seamless integration, easy management.

With electric vehicle (EV) sales soaring and a growing number of drivers hitting the road, the demand for reliable and user-friendly charging solutions has never been higher. ABB E-mobility is proud to announce its latest additions to the North American market, taking EV charging to new heights. From lightning-fast public chargers to innovative fleet solutions, ABB E-mobility is transforming the way we charge our EVs.

Public Charging Solutions: Terra 360 Charger

With EV sales in the United States projected to surpass one million this year, ABB E-mobility’s Terra 360 is the answer to the increasing demand for high-power, efficient charging. This all-in-one charger delivers a whopping 360 kW of power, allowing a full charge in under 15 minutes. It’s like filling up your EV with lightning! Equipped with CCS-1 in a dual-outlet configuration, the Terra 360 can charge two vehicles simultaneously, ensuring an exceptional charging experience for all EV drivers. Plus, its compact design makes it perfect for commercial fleet operations.

Fleet and Transit Solutions: HVC360 Power Cabinet

As commercial EVs become more cost-effective than traditional combustion engine vehicles, the need for scalable and space-efficient charging infrastructure is on the rise. ABB E-mobility’s HVC360 Power Cabinet is the ultimate solution. With the ability to charge up to four buses or trucks simultaneously, this powerhouse offers unrivaled site design flexibility. Install it back-to-back, side-to-side, or along a wall; the choice is yours! The HVC360’s dynamic charging capability ensures each vehicle receives the optimal power level, making it a game-changer for fleet operators. Mix and match dispenser types, from CCS to pantograph, and create the ideal charging configuration for your needs.

Advanced AC Wallbox: Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A

ABB E-mobility understands that not all charging needs are the same. That’s why they’ve introduced the Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A, a versatile charging solution for light- and medium-duty commercial vehicle fleets. With output power ranging from 9.6 to 19.2 kW, this high-output charger can handle larger batteries with ease. Equipped with a J1772 Type 1 connector for universal EV charging, the Terra AC Wallbox ensures seamless integration into any commercial facility or outdoor depot. Plus, its multiple internet connectivity and authentication options make it a breeze to manage charging sessions and usage.


ABB E-mobility’s North American Dominance

From delivering the first DC fast charger 11 years ago to pioneering the first public CCS1 charger, ABB E-mobility has consistently pushed the boundaries of EV charging technology. They introduced the first 150 kW charging system in 2017 and opened the first 350 kW charging systems to the public in 2018. Now, they’re taking it even further with U.S. manufacturing for their NEVI-enabled Terra 184 and Terra DC Wallbox products. With the backing of Porsche SE, they’re driving innovation and investment in the future of fleet charging. ABB E-mobility’s commitment to the North American market is unwavering, and their chargers are setting the standard for safety, reliability, and usability.

With their latest offerings, ABB E-mobility is meeting the needs of both public charging sites and fleet operations. Their powerful and efficient charging solutions are transforming the way we charge our EVs and paving the way for a more sustainable future. As Bob Stojanovic, Senior Vice President for ABB E-mobility in North America, said, “These new products, along with our existing line of robust chargers, continue to represent our high standards for safety, reliability, and usability.”


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