Bluedot and RideShare Carz Partner to Ease Charging Payments for EV Rideshare Drivers
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Bluedot and RideShare Carz Partner to Ease Charging Payments for EV Rideshare Drivers

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  • Bluedot, offering an EV charging payment platform for EV fleet drivers, is partnering with RideShare Carz to provide Bluedot’s fleet platform for all of RideShare Carz’s EV rideshare rental customers.
  • Rideshare EV drivers have become one of the largest segments of EV drivers in the U.S.
  • The partnership allows RideShare Carz renters to locate, charge, and pay for EV charging at over 80% of the public chargers in the U.S.

Bluedot, offering single payment platforms for EV fleet drivers, and RideShare Carz, a rideshare vehicle rental company specializing in electric vehicle rentals, have partnered in a significant move toward streamlining the charging process for rideshare drivers. These drivers represent a rapidly growing segment of EV users. By integrating Bluedot’s efficient fleet platform, RideShare Carz’s clientele can expect a seamless EV charger payment experience, reducing downtime and enabling EV rideshare rental drivers to optimize their working hours.


Smoother Transactions for RideShare Renters

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RideShare Carz renters now have the capability to locate and charge their electric vehicles at over 80% of public charging stations across the U.S. This expansive coverage alleviates the hassle of juggling between different EV charging payment apps and eliminates the concern of EV charging payment methods for each station. All transactions are effortlessly handled through the Bluedot payments platform, which remarkably includes the capability to process payments automatically even at Tesla charging points, ensuring that renters have a consistent and streamlined charging experience at an EV charger with a payment terminal.

Historically, the EV charging billing software for Tesla rideshare drivers posed a considerable challenge. They would conclude their week using their rideshare EV, waiting for the final tally of their EV charging billing expenses to be completed. For non-Tesla EV rideshare operators, the EV charging billing system was even more cumbersome.

The obligation to use personal cards at EV chargers with credit card payments not only cluttered their billing but also introduced a level of financial unpredictability. These operational inefficiencies inevitably became a pain point for RideShare Carz customers, who sought a more streamlined process.

Easier Cost Management for RideShare Carz

Image care of Bluedot.

With the new partnership in place, Bluedot’s payments system is engineered to meticulously track all charging sessions, directly addressing the financial uncertainties faced by RideShare Carz drivers.

Bluedot equips RideShare Carz with robust controls to actively manage and oversee customers’ charging costs effectively. RideShare Carz can now amplify the scale of its electric vehicle rental service while concurrently reducing dependency on multiple platforms.



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