EQE SUV Gets 2 Motors, Lots of HP
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EQE SUV Gets 2 Motors, Lots of HP

Coming up soon, the EQE electric SUV from Mercedes-AMG will be revealed, boasting two electric motors – and certainly a whole lot of power.

Mercedes says the EQE SUV will have two electric motors and variable all-wheel drive, and it’ll also have rear-axle steering. We don’t know any specifics yet about the powertrain, but if we look at the EQE sedan, we might have an idea. The sedan can deliver up to 677 hp and 1,001 Nm of torque. Mercedes says the SUV will be a “multi-purpose” version of the sedan, coming from the increased cabin and cargo space that allows for improved legroom and headroom. But this EQE SUV will be smaller than the EQS SUV, making it a more mainstream electric option for Mercedes fans.

Back in August, Mercedes-Benz had offered a first look at the SUV, and we got to see some teaser photos of the interior, including the dash-spanning Hyperscreen display. We also got to see some attractive contrasting colors and a mix of materials that made the space feel comfortable and rather luxe. On the outside, we’ll see similar styling details as other EQE models, like the sleek headlights and expansive grille.

Mercedes hasn’t yet shared when the EQE SUV will go on sale, but we can probably expect it to happen either later this year or in early 2023. 


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